Wall stickers for kids room decoration in 49 photos

room bedroom wall stickers

Want to refresh the look of the bedroom or the playroom of your little treasure? Here are 49 examples of decoration with wall stickers to resume! The wall stickers are a simple and practical way to transform an interior space.

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Created using a process called wall decals, they were originally used mainly in businesses and advertising. But today, these wall decorations invite themselves into our homes and become more and more trendy.

Boy room decoration with wall stickers in shades of blue

wall stickers child bedroom decoration

Wall decals are made of two types of materials: vinyl and paper. Those sold in the shops can have different formats and colors, reproducing quite accurately cartoon characters, movies and games. This makes them very popular with children and teenagers, who can use them to bring favorite pictures and scenes to their rooms.

Playroom wall decoration with wall stickers

wall sticker children sticker

No more wall decorations with posters and with pictures from magazines! Nowadays, girls and boys can dress the walls of their rooms in a much more interesting and richer way. For those who have very specific requirements, there is also the possibility to print their own stickers with personalized images.

Deco wall idea for baby room with wall stickers and animal images

deco animal wall deco wall

In addition to all these new benefits they offer, the stickers are also sold at reasonable prices. Currently, one can find models from less than one euro on various sites specialized in online commerce. The installation of this kind of wall decoration is also extremely easy and does not require the assistance of a specialist or special knowledge. All these features make wall stickers an excellent alternative to wallpapers .

Idea for boy's room with wall stickers by Pottery Barn

wall sticker children

To choose the best sticker for your child's room, just look at the most popular image collections at the moment, such as those with characters from Walt Disney movies (from Winnie to Spider). Man, the choice here is really huge). For parents of little girls and boys who want to bet on more classic solutions, there are collections with animals or with various objects that impress toddlers: planes, cars, butterflies, castles and fairies. Finally, if you want to decorate a corner of office, or simply opt for more educational ornaments, study the ideas of adhesive letters or whole messages ready to stick. Start your search right now with the photos below:

Example of a wall sticker for a nursery wall

kids wall deco wall stickers

Idea of ​​making an original child's headboard with sticker

make a child's headboard

Deco with wall stickers for children's room

decoration wall stickers child

Boy's room interior and wall stickers with dinosaurs

idea room boy wall stickers

Picture of wall stickers and wall decoration for girls

wall stickers idee deco wall child

Boy's room decoration with wall stickers

wall stickers idee wall decoration

Photo wall deco child's room

deco wall stickers kids rooms

Wall decoration and wall sticker

wall stickers bedroom

Monochrome wall stickers for boy room decoration

ideas bedroom wall stickers boy

Room with wall stickers and decoration for children

deco child wall decals

Deco girl room with stickers

wall stickers bedroom deco girl

Deco boy's room with adhesive sticker

bedroom wall stickers deco boy

Deco baby room with sticker in green and red

wall stickers baby deco room

Children's room in white, green and brown with wall stickers of dinousaurs

decoration wall bedroom wall stickers

Wall stickers idea for baby room decor

color room baby stickers

photo wall sticker rooms

sticker room decoration sticker

wall stickers kids rooms

decoration child playroom

examples kids bedroom sticker

playroom decoration wall stickers

girl room wallpaper

idea deco sticker girl rooms

sticker deco sticker kids

sticker deco child sticker

idea deco girl mini sticker

teen wall deco girl

idea decoration wall sticker animals

sticker spider man deco bedroom boy

child room sticker super mario

jungle child decor wall stickers

idea wall kids playroom

wall deco child girl and boy

room decoration children sticker

deco wall adhesive letter

letter sticker deco bedroom boy sticker

decoration boy wall stickers

sticker wall deco girl

color room baby stickers

deco wall baby stickers

idea bedroom wall deco girl

interior child room wall stickers

wall decoration interior child

bebes deco wall bedroom

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