Warm and modern dining area: how to develop it?

dining area retro idea design kitchen round table chair vintage fixture hanging orange

Do you want a Dining Area modern and functional in your kitchen? If you too love snacks and you need a well-lit and well-lit space to sit comfortably and "fill in" your cravings, then we invite you to discover our gallery of more than 55 suggestions for decoration for a successful and practical dining area.

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No matter if you need extra space for your breakfasts or just a small dining room in your small apartment, the dining area is always a good idea!

Modern dining area in harmonious colors

dining area trend furniture idea sofa armchair chair

No need to have a dining room to have a dining area. If you like a little place where you can sit down for breakfast, all you have to do is clear some space in your kitchen and make it profitable.

Meal Corner Idea for Small Kitchen in White

corner dining corner-amenagement-small-kitchen-beige

In a small kitchen, every inch counts. Thanks to a lot of clever storage space, you can easily make your little meal in your kitchen and enjoy it. Taking into account the space at your disposal is one of the first steps to take before choosing the furniture. A high and narrow table, a small round table or a furniture version picnic ... It all depends on the space you have to install it!

Small dinette corner in a limited surface kitchen

small-kitchen-dinette-deco-round table

The advantage of high and narrow tables is that they do not take up too much space while the round tables require a certain surface. In addition, the high and narrow table can serve as both dining table, worktop and desk.

Dining area with wooden table and black hanging lamp

trendy dining areas kitchen layout idea trend bench

First, examine all surfaces - walls, center island and even ceiling. For a truly functional space, you can turn each empty space into a useful space. It is also possible to enjoy the space between the kitchen and the living room to install your dining area. In this way, you can also easily bring dishes from the kitchen. Bring your dining area against a wall in your kitchen and install a bench with cushions for the seats. The atmosphere will be very cozy!

Industrial style interior with wooden bench

indoor kitchen dining industrial style trend wooden bench fixture hanging white bricks

Here is an example of a dining area that is part of the central island. The wooden table contrast with the white kitchen and add a feeling of warmth. Two white bar stools are installed. This little corner is perfect for a convivial dinner for two.

Wooden table and two white stools

dining corner table wood central island kitchen white stools white kitchen

Often the dining areas are contiguous to a wall so as not to lose space. In this way, the space is optimized and the furniture does not become bulky. Here is a fairly classic layout: a bench attached to the wall and a gray rectangular table.

Classic layout with bench and dining table in gray

dining table idea modern trend chair wood modern deco flowers

The bench is ideal for a functional layout for two reasons. On one side, its shape makes it easy to integrate. It can even become an extension of the kitchen or the central island. On the other hand, it allows you to store business! A storage space extra is always useful. Here is an example of a white wooden bench with drawers:

White wooden bench with drawers

idea dining room kitchen trend lighting fixture suspension cushions

Think well about the decoration. To create a cozy atmosphere, it's important to personalize the space. Stay minimalist and original. It is possible to decorate the walls with frames and photographs, decorate the centerpiece with a nice bouquet of flowers or a basket of fruit. Do not forget to decorate with the style of the rest of the room

Kitchen with central island and authentic wooden table

wooden table dining room central island chair trend modern kitchen storage

A well-appointed space is a harmonious space in color. Knowing how to choose and sort them is important. What atmosphere do you want to create in your room? For a soft atmosphere, blue and light colors are a good choice. For a more sophisticated atmosphere, you can choose the dark range. Here is a minimalist interior, joyful and elegant that marries pink, black and white!

Kitchen Corner Idea for Seaside Kitchen


Like the kitchen, the dining area can adopt different styles of decoration. When occupying an area of ​​your meal preparation area, the dining area should be harmonized with the overall ambiance of that space. For example, in a kitchen in marine style, the dining area would also be declined in patterns seaside.


The seaside atmosphere is quite simple to obtain. Opt for light colors and touches of beige or blue. Favor wood furniture or made of other natural materials. Nautical accessories will give more character to your marine interior.

Optimize space with a dining bench


The dining bench seat is a piece of furniture that is almost unavoidable in such a space. Practical, it comes in various and varied variants to meet all forms of cooking. What to prove to us that the corners of meals can be arranged even in the smallest spaces, like a wall niche, for example!


But, if it is a type of banquette very practical and very popular at the time, it is the one for the corners of meals of angle. The explanation of this phenomenon is quite easy to understand. That is, modern dinettes are usually installed in a space that forms an angle. So, the bench is the ideal solution to save space and accommodate more people at the same time!

Create a cozy atmosphere in his kitchen dinette with cushions


The dining area or kitchen dinette is a space that must be welcoming and stimulate the appetite. To create this kind of atmosphere, nothing better than to bet on some keys of colors. The most effective way to introduce them into your dining area? With cozy cushions, of course!

dining area kitchen-idea-landscaping-white-paint

Use some comfortable cushions to decorate your dining bench seat. They will make your family more comfortable and help you give a finishing touch to the overall look of your kitchen!

Scandinavian-inspired meal corner decorating idea

table-a-room-corner-of-meal-round-furniture-wood chair Scandinavian

Do you have a kitchen in the Scandinavian style? In this case, consider this style also for the layout of your dining area. You will see it, it is an ideal solution to create a harmonious and refined interior space. For this, opt for Nordic furniture, such as chairs and the Scandinavian dining table.

round table-dinette-small-kitchen-deco

The white color and the wooden surfaces are a typical feature of the Nordic decorations. Do not underestimate them! Complete it with natural style accents and one or two green plants.

Make furniture for your own dining area

dining area small kitchen-bench-wood-table-rustic

Do you like DIY projects and DIY deco? Perfect ! Then consider the possibility of making your own kitchen corner furniture. The task is really not difficult for an experienced handyman. In fact, some furniture for dining area will not pose any difficulty even for beginners!

breakfast bar to kitchen-countertop wood-bench-diy

For example, you can turn wooden pallets into a bench for your kitchen dining area. Another interesting idea: make a dining table from the feet of an antique furniture, complemented by a wooden tray. Once the bench and the dining table installed, you will only have to get some armchairs or stools!

Kitchen style vintage kitchen corner setting


The dining areas are small spaces often with one or two benches. For this reason, they look a lot like boxes in vintage restaurants and bars. This kind of box, we can still see in cafes and American snack. Get inspired to give a special atmosphere to your dining area!

dining area dining-table-white-chairs-wood-amenagement

Among the characteristic components for these spaces, we find the upholstered banquettes leather or textile but also the dining tables with one foot. Two space-saving solutions that can be stuck in typical American cafés to create a unique decor!

Recycle furniture that is no longer used in kitchen dining area deco

breakfast dinette-bench-blue-kitchen-dinette-Layouts

Want to create a dining area in your kitchen without spending a lot? Then review the furniture that you no longer use in another room of your home. Some types of furniture can perfectly suit your dining area!

dining area kitchen-bench-table-rectangular

Sofas, armchairs, dining tables, shelves ... all the furniture found in the classic dining area can be retrieved from your living room or another room. For this, you will only have to measure the space available to provide suitable furniture!

Wall decor for a chic dining kitchen interior

dining corner-corner-oval-mini-kitchen-amenagement

The eating corners are small areas. To avoid cluttering more, the best is to customize the decoration with objects that occupy little space. Wall decorations are ideal for this purpose. They can be placed on the walls to give character to the interior space without requiring more centimeters of its surface.


Imagine a personalized decoration with paintings, paintings or thematic objects for your walls. Place them so they are visible wherever you are sitting.

Enjoy the shape of the room and its sources of light


Windows are an asset that is not present in every room used as a dining room. So if your dining area has windows, put them in value. For example, organize the furniture so that you can enjoy the view outside.

bar-corner-of-meal-kitchen-breakfast deco-modern space

Finally, avoid installing large furniture in front of your kitchen windows. You will benefit from more natural light in your home!

Stylish Dining Room Ideas - Image Gallery

Need more ideas for a chic and practical dining area? Do not miss to review our collection of photos on this subject!

Modern and elegant interior, idea of My Domain

dining area kitchen idea design black table round lighting fixture suspension chair metal industrial style bench cushions

Small kitchen and small dining area

dining area idea design table wood chair cushions small kitchen

Modern interior and beautifully decorated, House Beautiful idea

modern trendy interior wood table yellow stool white wall deco fixture

Harmonious interior in blue and white

large kitchen island idea bench arrangement cushions lighting fixture central island

Small round wooden table

bench kitchen dining room idea layout meal coi round table wood

Large kitchen with several storage

arrangement interior kitchen modern idea lighting fixture central island wood floor

Wooden kitchen with two tables

dining room setting kitchen wood lighting fixture hanging table wood stool black

arrangement kitchen table idea lighting fixture suspension wooden table bench cushions

arrangement kitchen island idea central lighting fixture suspension table wood chairs

dining room layout idea lighting fixture suspension bench cushions

table design modern idea dining room fixture hanging armchair curtains table wall decor

modern kitchen shelf wood storage bookcase kitchen blue table

kitchen modern design bench kitchen table wall bouquet flowers table

dining area kitchen idea layout wooden bench table bouquet of flowers shelves

interior design white round table modern fixture chair wood parquet wood

contemporary interior bench beige trend fitting

high table kitchen dining area idea stool metal red trendy design

modern furniture bench table wood trend modern floor mat

round wooden table fixture hanging bouquet of flowers cushions

arrangement dining area idea bench trend parquet wood

trend dining area modern furnishings deco wall dining room

corner kitchen idea layout small dining room fixture suspension chair

interior design trend minimalist modern chair leather carpet

idea corner bench cushions wall deco wall board

interior vintage idea design bench kitchen decor

idea layout trend modern bench wood cushion table wood wall deco

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