Warm colors: tips and tricks for painting and decorating

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How to use warm colors for painting and decorating the interior? This folder gives you the answer with a series of tips and 75 images!

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Mastering colors and knowing how to use them properly in one's home is a true art. With our tips and tricks, the use of warm colors would no longer be a mystery!

Warm colors: what is it?

ideas warm colors interior decoration

In the color wheel, warm shades occupy the opposite half to cool tones. They include all the variations of red, yellow, orange as well as all the shades obtained by the mixture of these three shades. Warm and cold colors come together in two groups, each of which has effects on human behavior. Some of these effects are noticeable even at the physical level. Warm shades are known to increase adrenaline levels, blood pressure and body temperature. In other words, they really warm the human body and the more intense their shades, the stronger this sensation!

Effects of warm colors and cultural influences: pale pink is associated with feminine decoration

feminine deco colors

In addition, colors have effects on human behavior and their psychological state. Research on these effects has indicated that some of them depend on the sex, age, culture of the person and even the climate of the environment. Other shades have more or less similar effects, regardless of these criteria.

Know the effects of warm colors: red

red painting wall deco color

Take the example of the red color. Used in interior decoration, it tends to increase energy in the room and excitement. In the living room or in the dining room, she seems to push people to communicate and to gather. It produces a strong impression in every room of the house. The shades of orange have similar properties: it is a stimulating color and is suitable for the decoration of a room or a corner of a room where one works, where one practices and s' amused.

Warm colors, their nuances and effects: the yellow

paint warm colors living room

Yellow is considered an expression of the joy and pleasures of life. Associated with the sun and the summer, this color is suitable for the wall decoration of a dining room as well as for that of a kitchen and a bathroom. These soft, pastel tones are also used successfully in adult, infants and children's bedrooms.

Room in warm shades of green

what painting for bedroom

If you look at the color wheel, you will notice that green is somewhere between yellow and blue. Some shades of green belong to the category of warm colors while others to that of cool shades. The relaxing properties of green have been known for a long time. It is a color that makes us think of the calm of nature and facilitates rest and meditation. It can be used for wall painting of any room in the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Salon paint in cold tones and furniture in warm colors

example associaton of hot color

Knowing the properties of colors is important but it is equally useful to know how to introduce them into your interior and how to harmonize their shades with those of the rest of the colors. The warm colors fit well in houses and rooms decorated in traditional style. It is also used often for the decoration of spaces of a large surface. There, they tend to make the space more intimate and more cozy. In modern or contemporary design pieces, they are usually combined with other shades.

Associate the warm and neutral colors: deco idea of ​​room with painting by Benjamin Moore

yellow color bedroom paint

And precisely, how to match these colors with the rest of the shades available for interior decoration? A warm color associates itself well with the so-called "neutral" shades, that is to say the white, the black and the gray, to which one sometimes adds the beige, the ivory color and the mole . The variations of neutral tones are a good background for decorating an accent wall or for interior design with furniture and design objects in warm colors. The same goes for cushions, upholstery and wallpapers used on a single wall or even in frames.

Example of a combination of warm and cold colors: yellow and blue

idea color open kitchen

Those who like contrasts will probably be wondering how to harmonize warm and cold colors . The best way to achieve a successful and very impressive effect is to use complementary tones: those that are opposed to each other in the color wheel such as, for example, yellow and lilac or orange. and blue. But even if we like the combination of contrasting colors, we should never underestimate the power of such combinations. We advise you to use them for decorative details and to add interesting touches to your interior rather than wall painting.

Decoration and painting with warm shades of colors by Dulux

dulux red salon paint

We said it: to know how to use the colors in his house is a true art. But it is an art that can be learned through observation and with the advice of designers. And since you already know a lot of tips and advice, let's go to the observation! This photo gallery is devoted to warm shades in the different rooms of the house:

Decorative living room idea with warm colors

living room decoration ideas warm colors

Warm colors and decorative fabrics

yellow color living room contemporary deco

Living room wall painting in hot color: red

warm colors decorating living room

Association of warm and cold colors: red and green

photo dining room color association

Warm colors and accent walls

decoration small living room colors decoration wall

Palette of warm and neutral colors: white, black and bright yellow

yellow bedroom paint deco

Wall painting in warm shades and furniture in neutral color

warm colors home painting

Hot and dark paint idea for interior

living room dark color painting

Painting in warm and pastel color

hot paint wall interior decoration

Workplace decorating idea with warm and stimulating paint color

manufacturer painting interior decoration

Hot bedroom paint and color combination with decorative objects and fabrics

painting wall deco yellow room

Living room accent walls in warm colors

painting living room warm color

Dare decoration with cold and warm colors

hot and cold color idea

Relaxing room decoration in soft shades of yellow

deco room pastel color

Wedding of neutral and warm colors and room wall decoration

wall decor bedroom pastel colors

Painting and living room furniture in bright colors

palette warm colors interior decoration

How to match colors

wedding cold warm colors

Idea of ​​color association for interior painting

yellow walls interior contemporary

Warm colors and interior design: wall in stimulating orange

match the colors inside painting

warm colors contemporary interiors

living room wall paintings hot idea

warm color painting room

living room ideas light colors

clear room layout

paint and color modern living room

yellow and blue interior colors

idea to harmonize the colors salon deco

harmony neutral and warm colors

color interior design cozy

color wall decor room

decoration and painting pastel colors

gray room deco

paint entry red color

living room deco wall color orange

orange wall deco adult room

colors child bedroom deco

trendy deco room warm paintings

warm colors interior paint living room

how to associate warm colors and neutral office corner

what are the warm colors painting salon

warm colors red paint

paint color living room red wall

red yellow living room decoration colors

color painting baby room

color painting landscaping salon

color hot paint interior wall

interior color hot paint

dark color painting room

pastel colors hot paint wall

living room pastel color warm shades

yellow color wall daccent

zen deco color

room color hot ideas

hot and cold color wedding interior painting

hot paint cold interior decoration

wall deco orange living room

red color interior deco

yellow color bedroom deco

baby room painting yellow

pink room color

painting room red walls

red child bedroom painting

wall bedroom warm color

How to match hot color interior paint

harmonizes warm and cold color

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