Watercolor painting invites itself in the interior decoration

abstract art chalkboard with watercolor painting

The watercolor painting is a very particular painting style where the artist uses water to give the colors a faded and nuanced effect. It is often associated with magical and ephemeral landscapes in which colors mingle with each other, creating a myriad of shades of one and the same color.

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But today, you are offered something different.

original and creative wall decoration with watercolor painting

beautiful wall painting with watercolor

This article is dedicated to the watercolor painting that is invited in the decoration of your home. It may be an abstract art painting but here you push the cap further by bringing you some original ideas that use the watercolor effect beyond the canvas. Imagine an entire wall decorated with a watercolor artwork, or a corner of Wall marked by a faded shade of blue or green.

matching curtains and cushions with floral motifs

curtains floral motifs watercolor effect

You can also introduce watercolor painting on everyday objects such as a lampshade, a bed cover that looks like a work of art or some cushions whose covers have been drawn with a watercolor effect. If you want to venture further, you can even choose your curtains on the theme of watercolor, with reasons abstract or floral. Watercolor painting is a decorative choice that will set you apart from other interiors. The idea is original, creative and it allows you to express your artistic side. Discover our examples in pictures below and let us inspire you ...

wall decoration with faded green shades

wall painted with watercolor faded effect

brightly colored decor marked by fuchsia pink

multicolored decor accents pink fushia

bed linen or artwork in watercolor?

matching bed linen watercolor effect

decorative carpet with faded paint

small colorful carpet effect watercolor painting

contemporary painting with blue shades

watercolor painting and cushions effect faded

a fabric with floral motifs adds character to the decor

beautiful watercolor painting on fabric

beautiful artistic canvas of the world map

canvas with watercolor world map

painting watercolor painting blue shades

romantic reading corner purple shades

lampshade lamp effect watercolor painting

sublime cushion matching the teal chair

cushions covers floral motifs

deco tableware drawn flowers still life

watercolor theme cushions and matching chalkboard

cushions trimmed fabric colorful watercolor effect

faded paint bed cover

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