Waxed concrete: 50 interior design ideas

concrete polished ideas development contemporary salons

The waxed concrete is a common choice for interior design of one or more rooms in the house. This article offers 50 ideas for its use. Concrete is a composite material made from different types of natural stone and granite that are mixed with cement and water.

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The waxed concrete is a variant of concrete with smooth surface and decorative appearance.

Idea for using waxed concrete in the kitchen

waxed concrete kitchen black tables

To obtain this type of concrete, the base material is treated in a specific way, then, once it is laid and dried, it is treated again, which makes it possible to fill its pores and gives it its finished look. The term "waxed concrete" is used for several types of products, with different compositions and aspects. There are also several variants of waxed surfaces for concrete, some of which may be brighter than others. In general, the more the finish is worked, the more polished concrete has a glossy surface. Conversely, you can get a more natural look of concrete if you avoid treating the surface several times when it is laid.

Idea for living room interior design with waxed concrete

beton deco modern living room wall shelf

As we have said, waxed concrete is an increasingly common choice for the layout of different rooms in the house. Nowadays it is used not only for the flooring and walls but also for the workplan from the kitchen, to sinks and sinks and even to different decorations in the living room, such as shelves, benches or tables. Among the main advantages of this type of material are the modern look it gives to the spaces where it is used, its very good adhesion to surfaces and the wide choice of colors and finite aspects it offers.

Waxed concrete and Contempo di Adaco corner kitchen worktop by Snaidero

worktops concrete corner kitchens

Historically, this interest in waxed concrete is rooted in modern design movements that have taught us to value natural materials and to discover the beauty of simple and practical decoration. In addition, the frequent use of waxed concrete for the interior design of homes today is also explained by the realities of our time. Nowadays, families who prefer to live in houses with open spaces are more and more numerous. However, waxed concrete is a type of coating that is perfect for walls and floors in this type of space. Being adaptable to almost all rooms and all types of contemporary decor, this material offers possibilities for creating beautiful and aesthetic transitions between different spaces in a large room. In addition, it has the advantage of being a relatively inexpensive material.

Polished concrete bar and kitchen table

concrete polished bars table white kitchens

From the point of view of the finished appearance and colors of the waxed concrete, the possibilities are almost endless. As we have seen, the appearance of the surface of the waxed concrete depends on the way it is laid and its treatment. As for the colors, they can be created either by pigments placed in the concrete that has not yet dried, or by the use of chemical components and water on the already dry concrete.

Polished concrete and coffee table

low tables concrete waxed living room

If you want to use waxed concrete for the layout of one of the rooms in your house, also know that this type of material is particularly exposed to the risk of stains, especially those of grease. This is also its main disadvantage. To avoid problems of this type, it is advisable to apply a specific product, allowing to "seal" the surface of the concrete, approximately every two years. And now, discover all our proposals for interior design with waxed concrete in the photos below.

Concrete Flooring Idea for Living Room and Dining Room

concrete floor waxed floor salos dining rooms

Concrete flooring for kitchen open to dining room and living room

idea flooring rooms eat concrete floor living rooms

Interior with gray concrete flooring

idea flooring concrete floor interiors eclectic

Floor covering for waxed concrete interior

indoor concrete floor waxing

Light gray concrete kitchen floor and island

kitchen islands concrete floor glossy

Flooring in contemporary living room with concrete

shiny concrete idea floor living room

Waxed concrete and industrial kitchen flooring

polished concrete floor deco industrial kitchen

Gray concrete kitchen floor

bright concrete kitchen floor

White concrete flooring in the contemporary living room

concrete surface white living room floor

Concrete kitchen worktop

concrete waxed worktops modern kitchens

Worktop and modern kitchen island in concrete

concrete kitchen worktops

Waxed concrete and kitchen worktop

concrete worktops modern kitchens

Dark gray concrete kitchen worktops

concrete kitchen worktop gray and wood

Wooden kitchen with gray concrete worktops

worktops wood kitchen materials

Worktop in polished concrete

concrete plan modern kitchens white

worktops and kitchen bar concrete

waxed concrete interior deco small furniture

black washbasin concrete bathrooms

deco concrete sink modern bathrooms

central island concrete lacquered kitchens

central lacquered island concrete Scandinavian kitchen decor

interior design concrete modern kitchens

concrete tables kitchen and dining ideas

concrete bathroom ideas interior layout

deco modern living rooms concrete ideas

concrete lacquered living room floors mosaic

lacquered concrete and waxed black floor covering

concrete ideas white floors brilliant effect

concrete worktops sinks kitchens modern ideas

idea interior worktop concrete lacquered kitchens wood

furniture bathrooms concrete interior design

idea furniture interior design concrete deco

interior design modern bathrooms deco concrete

concrete idea deco islands central cuisines

decorations deco concrete decorations

concrete deco living room fireplace modern design

worktop gray kitchens deco concrete

interior gray fireplace concrete idea shelf

concrete washbasin gray bathrooms

work plans sink concrete kitchen wood

dark gray concrete worktops stone kitchens

concrete white bathrooms furniture

countertop and concrete kitchen tables

concrete counter ideas

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