Ways to develop studio: 50 interesting ideas

studio decoration idea

Need some inspiration on how to build a studio? Find it with these 50 proposals and our ideas for deco and furniture for small spaces! The development of a studio is a task that requires a bit of prior reflection on the organization of the space.
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Once this work is done, you would have considered all the ways to make the most of the room. But how to find all the tricks of decoration, separation of space and storage? By spotting ideas in the images of beautiful studios furnished in an original and practical way, of course! So, ready for a small space house tour?

Ways to develop studio: modern decoration

arrange studio idea small space

This studio in Amsterdam offers all the comforts of home in a very small space. To achieve this excellent result, its creators have clearly defined the different spaces: kitchen, bedroom, small lounge area and desk next to the door. Thanks to this clever separation, one almost has the impression that all these spaces are individual pieces. And, moreover, this type of organization of the space facilitates the circulation in the studio. This one can then open its doors to the friends of the inhabitants.

Ways to design studio and idea for bedroom space

idea make up studio bedroom

Do you think this type of development is too difficult for a studio you do not own? The decor with room separation It does not have to be the privilege only of people who live in their own apartment. If your studio has multiple levels, you can take the opportunity to create a room separation, as in the picture above.

Idea of ​​bedroom layout in a studio or loft

a studio amenagement small bedrooms

It is also possible to use several kinds of space separation furniture, such as bookcases, shelves or screens that are not attached to walls and floors. Unlike partition walls, these room dividers will leave no trace on the inside of the studio. You will find several ideas of this kind of furniture in the gallery that follows.

Way of arranging studio by Parnass Digital Architecture

amenager living room design studio corner office

The creators of this nice little studio have approached the question of the organization of space a little differently. Here, one room has several corners: desk, sofa, TV ... And if we have the impression of having in front of us a room where the perfect order reigns, it is that the creators of the decoration of this studio have bet on the furniture offering lots of storage possibilities. Looking good, we will see them everywhere: on the desk and on the wall above it, as well as at the back of the room. There are only a few open storage spaces in this room. Most of the furniture is white, so they enlarge the room visually, while hiding all the papers and objects that are not being used right now behind their white doors. This is how you get a perfectly arranged piece, whatever its size!

Studio decoration and decoration: interesting ideas to save space

ideas development deco studio

Our next example is this pretty studio inspired by industrial style and Scandinavian deco. Here, there are not many furniture or partitions, which is a specific feature of the Scandinavian style. We take advantage of the large room by allowing natural light to penetrate and cross the entire space, because the use of light is another way to visually enlarge the room. The Scandinavian sofa, accompanied by a small nightstand , creates an illusion of separation of space even if it remains open and bright. All this is complemented by a white mural, which also reflects the light and enlarges the room.

Ideas to build a small space studio with kitchen area

convert studio kitchen-modern-bar

Optimizing space in a kitchen area of ​​a studio or small apartment is essential. Today, almost all studios and F1 have a kitchenette. But how to make this space more practical? Here is an idea that seduced us: the studio layout with kitchen bar. This simple idea brings an additional surface to the owners of this small space housing. The work plan thus obtained is ideal for preparing meals, having breakfast in the morning and an aperitif in the evening.

Studio decoration with kitchenette and sleeping area

arrange studio idea-separation-piece-bed-kitchen

When it comes to designing a studio, the piece separation furniture is one of the most popular solutions for dividing and optimizing space. The creators of this studio give us another idea: to equip this piece of furniture with open storage. When in the kitchen, they can be used to store glasses and other small items (spices, bowls ...). In the bedroom, this kind of small shelf can be used for storage of various books and magazines.

Scandinavian style studio - interior layout to separate the space

develop Scandinavian small space studio

Moreover, it is not at all rare that the kitchen bar turns himself into room separation furniture. Of course, it all depends on the shape of your interior space. If you have a square or rectangular studio without additional partitions, why not try this deco trick? Use the bar to divide the room into two parts and install your folding sofa in the bedroom living area!

Idea of ​​furnishing of studio with visible beams

ideas deco small space amenagement studios

Be smart and mobilize the architectural elements of your home to optimize its organization. Many studios are set in old buildings with exposed wooden beams. This wooden element brings a lot of charm to the room. What's more, it can also become a way to visually divide the studio into multiple areas. What better way to incorporate the authentic wooden beams into your decor?

Good idea to decorate small spaces and studio

develop small space decoration studio

When you are a tenant, you are used to looking for deco ideas that are cheap and do not require large investments. But studio owners prefer to use more complex layout solutions. And here is one: take advantage of the volume of the interior space to create a housing in several levels. Creating a raised bedroom is a good idea to save space and arrange storage below the bed!

Studio development under the eaves

decorate a studio attic apartment development

As for developing attic studio, this is a task considered by many as quite difficult. When you live in a small-sized housing unit, you're already running out of space, so how do you manage with a sloping area? One of the possible options is to use this area for furniture with drawers. It gives us the opportunity to store his stuff without having to really position himself in this corner of the room. Another solution would be to install a piece of furniture like his bed or his desk. This type of furniture takes up a lot of space without demanding that we stay up!

How to develop small spaces: studio in Amsterdam

small space decoration studio decoration

So here are some easy suggestions for optimizing the interior space in a small dwelling. You can discover all the interesting ideas for furnishing studio, as well as furniture proposals for small spaces on the images below.

Fit studio - ideas in pictures

develop studio small apartment-terrace-storage-bike

Part separation idea with sliding door

develop small studio space deco

Beautiful little studio

arrange studio idea small space

Idea of ​​practical arrangement

arrange studio bedroom

Beautiful decorating idea for small space studio

decoration studios and small spaces ideas

Deco small spaces and studio

small space studios decor ideas

Idea to develop a studio in white

amenager studio deco good rooms

Deco studio and room separation ideas

decoration studio idea separator of piece

Way to develop studio under the eaves

decoration studio attic decoration

Small space layout in black and white

deco black white studio landscaping small spaces

Studio and small space example: apartment in Stockholm

studio decoration small apartment

Deco studio in black and white

decoration attic rooms idea studio

Studio decoration: how to make a room

idea deco small room good fit studio

Beautiful studio decoration in Scandinavian style

white decoration attic studios

Design studio decoration with wood

deco modern studio design

Idea of ​​small spaces decoration and studio with mezzanine

decor small space layout studio floors

Decoration small spaces and idea to develop studio

decoration ideas small space how to arrange studio

deco small room amenagement etageres studio

small space decoration kitchens studio

furniture to develop small space studio

idea develop studio ikea

ideas arrange studio separator piece curtains

arrange modern studio idea furniture piece separation

decorate studio bathrooms deco small spaces

amenager staircase decoration studio

develop small studio space deco

deco ideas studio small bathrooms

arranging studio separation of decorative pieces

amenager studio small space attic bedroom deco

furniture studio furniture decorate small spaces

furnishing studio deco furniture small space

arrange studio deco kitchen small space

deco studio furniture office

amenager bathrooms studio small space

arrange kitchen small space organize

small space development

idea development studio beds space saving

design studios table small space

deco idea studio white kitchens

studio decoration by dear little space

small spaces white decoration

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