Wedding arch: 35 beautiful ideas to discover for a dream wedding

arch wedding idea deco

You have a soul romantic , do you like flowers and spring is your favorite season? This article is for you. Today we will talk about a very chic and romantic element, indispensable for a religious ceremony: a wedding arch .

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A wedding arch: a very chic and romantic element!

modern chic wedding arch

The arrival of spring allows to make a magnificent ceremony outdoors. For this reason it is important to think about the details related to the decoration of the place. So be imaginative and turn your garden into a dream space. Create your dream wedding with a perfect wedding arch. You can choose a simple structure, no need to do too much.

Create a perfect wedding arch

arch perfect elegant wedding

To give a little renaissance to your wedding, opt for a square arch on which you can put a canopy . You can decorate your ark with flowers or branches. For romantics, an oval wooden arch covered entirely with flowers will be a very good choice. You can choose the color of the flowers according to the theme of your wedding.

Decorate your ark with flowers

wooden pergola wedding arch

To accentuate the innocent side, opt for flowers in white. For a more chic look, you can choose a metal arch, again decorated with flowers. If you prefer a country style, you can make an arch with tree branches. Be original, choose a wedding arch with an unusual shape. You can assemble some tree branches and decorate them with flowers.

Assemble some tree branches

arch wedding branch trees

For a wedding by the sea, you can build a small wooden pergola surrounded by white veils. It all depends on you, it's your wedding, your special day and dream. The shape and decoration of your arch depends on the other elements, such as the chosen place, the color, the theme, the accents ... To prepare for the day, look at our selection of photos and take inspiration to create a wedding arch to your image: the symbolic door to your new life.

Romantic arch decorated with flowers

pink flowers arch wedding

Original wedding arch

zoom arch wedding elegant flowers white

Romantic wedding arch deco

arch view wedding wood flowers

Arch wedding of flowering branches

arch romantic wedding view

Wedding arch with dry branches and flowers

zoom arch wood wedding veil

You can build a small pergola

small DIY pergola sea view

A wedding arch at the seaside

zoom arch sea wedding

A wedding arch in white

zoom white wedding arch

Accents of a wedding arch

zoom wedding arch accents

A wooden pergola as a wedding arch

pergola view as arch wood wedding

A garden with a simple wedding arch

garden view arch simple wedding

An original arch

archway view original wedding

Make your wedding a memorable and fabulous moment by creating decorating your ceremony so that it reflects the mood of your special day. Although the different types of wedding arches have cultural and religious significance (representing protection, divine presence and home), modern couples also adopt the ceremonial ark for its aesthetic and decorative side.

arch view wedding veils

A beautiful arch can totally transform and embellish an outdoor ceremony. With flowers, fabric, natural materials, the arches are easy to create and bring a lot of romance to your special day.

arch view wedding metal decoration flowers

When you start preparations for your big day there are several options. One is to buy a wedding arch, then decorate it according to your taste and theme of your party. You can also rent a wedding arch and ask your florist to give you a hand for the decoration. Some ceremonial places offer an arch that they already have on site and you can enjoy it, which is the best option, but also the cheapest.

rustic style arch weddingb wood

Bear in mind that if you buy your own ark, you can put it in your backyard from home, later, as a souvenir of your incredibly special big day!

shabby chic wedding arch

You can also make your own floral arch from tree branches that you can intermingle to get the desired shape. After that, it is enough to decorate it by adding flowers, veils and other elements of decoration.

simple elegant arch wedding

White lace is an excellent choice for a wedding arch. It refers to your wedding dress and is a sign of purity. That said, you can opt for fabrics of different colors that will recall the theme of your wedding.

elegant arch original wedding

The wedding arch is an excellent decor, not only for the ceremony itself, but it is also a great background for the photos. You would be sure to have unforgettable memories.

beautiful view beautiful wedding arch

The wedding arch represents the future life and home of the couple. It is a big step towards family life. You certainly want everything to be perfect during your special day, so do not forget to decorate the path leading to the ark. Opt for flower petals for a sweet and romantic atmosphere.

beautiful arch wedding floral decoration

Everything must not be exclusively in flowers and veils. You are spoiled for choice for your ceremonial ark decor. Opt for pearls, ribbons, lanterns and even shells if your wedding takes place at the seaside.

beautiful arch original flower arrangement

It's important to choose your flowers. The most important rule is to choose a lasting floral decoration. To be sure of doing well, ask your florist for advice. Otherwise, choose a non-floral decor to be sure everything is going well.

beautiful arch chic

Here is another original idea. This arch swing is perfect for making photos in love to keep in memory.

ark live flowers wood

The wedding arches made of natural materials are absolutely fabulous and go perfectly well to any outdoor place. Plus, it's easy to do with your own hands. Just grab a few tree branches, wood and flowers and you're done!

arch branches tree

We all dream of the perfect marriage. No need to be too much to be pretty and no need to spend too much. With a little will and love, anything is possible. With salvaged materials you are spoiled for choice to create your dream wedding arch.

original DIY arch

romantic metal arch






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