Wedding Guest Gift Idea: 24 thoughtful gifts that come from the heart

tandem bike for romantic getaways

Spring is here, summer is fast approaching and, with it, the season of weddings . If you have friends who will be getting married soon, if you are looking for a wedding guest gift idea but do not look very inspired, so this article is for you.

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We have selected 24 examples of thoughtful wedding gifts that come from the heart.

Wedding Guest Gift Idea: Personalized Photo Frame for the Two Doves¹

personalized heart shape card

Of course, it all depends on your budget as well as your relationship with the bride and groom. We offer several gift ideas whose price, budget and symbolism may vary. We let you choose.

A photo album to immortalize the memories of the big day

wedding album to immortalize memories

A photo album is a very popular gift but it should not be forgotten that it could be considered a bit cliche. If you want to stand out a little, it is possible to make it yourself, even fill it with photos of the couple you have met beforehand. Also remember to leave it blank to be filled by newlyweds with the pictures of the big day.

Collection of books filled with recipes for cooking together

collection cookbooks recipes set

If the couple loves to cook, together or separately, then a collection of cookbooks would be an ideal and thoughtful gift. You can customize your choice by focusing on a type of cuisine they both like (French, Mexican, etc.) and you can be sure they will enjoy it.

Perfect gift idea for coffee lovers: a coffee subscription delivered at home

subscription for coffee fans

If the bride and groom are both fans of coffee, why not opt ​​for a coffee subscription at home? The type of subscription can vary of course, it can be for tea, sushi, even for a magazine with a common interest. They will be able to leaf through it together.

Inevitable gift for jokers: matching pajamas with kisses

wedding guest gift idea for jokers

Do you have a little quirky soul and look for a gift with a little humor? Choose a funny pattern of matching pajamas and your gift will surely be greeted with a laugh.

Personalized flutes for him and her

champagne flutes with serious names

Here is an idea that remains a little cliche and yet, these are two accessories that will serve a lot: it is of course glasses of wine. To be a little more original, you can order them by personalizing them with the new couple's last name. If you like the DIY why not paint them yourself?

Instant camera for weekends, trips and small moments together

polaroid camera to travel together

Here is a must: the instant camera. An absolutely perfect choice for a couple who loves photography and shared moments to immortalize them. If you want to combine your gift with that of another friend, why not make a duo 'photo album and camera'? That will please, for sure!

A culinary gift is always a good idea: handmade sweets on a wedding theme

treats maries

If you like pastry, why not make a cupcake or small delicacies decorated to offer the bride and groom? A culinary gift never disappoints, especially if it is to the taste of the bride and groom that, of course, you surely know.

A cubi of wine for great moments: D-day, honeymoon, first wedding anniversary²

personalized wine cubi for married couple

Ah wine! Another must-have! But we can still be original by offering a cubi of wine with messages as above. The couple will enjoy their wine longer and savor each moment with your present.

Gift with a hint of humor: the duvet "my side", "your side"

funny quilt for him and her

Here is another gift on the theme of humor. Each couple will find themselves in this funny and original example!

For do-it-yourselfers, why not create something for the bride and groom?

gift idea invites wedding make yourself

A gift for the house is always a great idea, as these geometrically patterned throws³

multicolored thrown wedding guest gift idea

Here's another wedding guest gift idea - throws for home parties. You can choose with geometric patterns as above, and be sure he can never have too many throws in a house!

A duo of cups for the chef, and the "real" chef

duo cups personalized humor

Two leather-bound journals for memorizing or sticking common photos

journal connects leather to write a life together

If the couple loves to write and share their thoughts, why not offer a leather bound journal? It's beautiful, it's original and it encourages to share moments together.

Another gift for the house - practical and very chic - these brass trivets will serve well 4

very chic trivet gift idea

Two doves on a tree: a customizable gift, cute and original

turtle tree first names of the newlyweds

Here is another example of a decorative gift that you can order or, of course, do it yourself? The above example is interesting since it refers to two doves on a tree, an image that evokes romanticism.

A gift idea that may appeal to lovers of the tea ceremony: a cast iron tea service

gift idea service of cast iron

A trendy fruit bowl for a healthy and sweet life 5

fruit cut design to stay healthy

A barbecue for sunny days on the terrace

barbecue to spend moments together terrace

Do you have a slightly larger budget? The couple moves into a house with terrace? Here is your perfect gift: a barbecue for sunny days! Is not this also a way to make you invite to a party a weekend ...?

Small bud-shaped vase to accommodate a rose or two 6

beautiful bud-shaped vases

The bride and groom receive so many flowers at their party that you have to find where to put them. Why not offer them a vase that goes with your bouquet? These small bud-shaped vases are very delicate and perfect for a rose or two.

Original kitchen utensils, to furnish the new honeymooners' house 7

idea gifts original kitchenware

And here are some more gift ideas for the house. Remember that the bride and groom will surely move in together, so think of any utensil or accessory that could make them happy. The options are endless!

Multicolored trays to decorate the house 8

gift idea invites wedding multicolored trays

Slate cheese tray for an elegant chic look

idea gift invites wedding tray slate cheese

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