Wedding idea: 75 original decorations for the wedding table

wedding theme themes and deco

It's already the wedding season and if you're getting ready to organize your big event, in this article we'll help you with a wedding idea - the wedding table decoration.

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Good decorating ideas can help you transform functional furniture into an integral part of the decor by creating a beautiful painting for your reception and your wedding party. Your guests will not notice if you are using your living room curtains to pick up your wedding theme, but they will definitely notice if the decorations of the tables are festive or not. That's why it's very important that every table you decorate is part of the overall atmosphere.

Wedding Idea - table decorations for a winter wedding

idea wedding winter table decor

The tables are an integral part of every wedding reception and you must ensure a budget that will allow you to create a beautiful decor with little more than a common white tablecloth. There is a multitude of creative ideas for the decor of the wedding tables that will help you not to ruin yourself. You just have to do a little bit of research before. The shape and layout of the tables are subtle details, but very important for the decoration of your wedding . Small round or oval tables are more elegant than rectangular tables. They will encourage conversation between your guests. The buffet tables can be arranged to form a U to easily distinguish them from other tables. Add a background behind the bride and groom table will also accent the decor of your day J.

Wedding table decoration idea in blue and pink

wedding idea photos floral decorations

Classic white tablecloths are the most common choice for weddings, but also the most predictable choice. By opting for colorful tablecloths, you will make your decor more original and go hide more easily stains. Use table runners, ribbons, or cloth napkins to add liveliness to the table decor. Choose patterned or lace tablecloths to give texture to your decor. Drape the table edges to create a stronger visual effect. Add glittery accessories is a very fast way to decorate your tables. You can combine the glitter with the centers of the tables or use them individually in case you make a simpler decoration. You can also use petals of roses or other flowers, dry leaves for fall weddings, fake ice cubes for winter weddings, pearls, rosebuds or small shells.

Elegant wedding table decoration

wedding idea flower table deco

The way your reception is illuminated is still an extremely important detail. That's why opting for various light sources as decorative accessories is a great wedding idea. You can easily create a centerpiece with a beautiful candle, use floating candles, candles placed on small mirrors or decorate your tables of light garlands.

Original wedding table decoration in white and orange

idea wedding plants decoration table

Creating a beautiful centerpiece is the most used way to embellish the table, but you can go further than just plan and put a bunch of flowers. Alter the decor details in height to create a fluid decor. Incorporate bouquets of your bridesmaids in the decoration of tables to save money. Opt for unusual details like dry tree leaves, ice sculptures, mirrors or even photo frames to create original centerpieces. The deco center of your table may also contain guest gifts or why not be edible.

Idea of ​​floral table decoration

wedding idea deco table accessories

It's easy to overload your wedding decor with accessories, but remember that often the simple approach and the most beautiful and elegant way to decorate them. Also avoid over-decorating your guests' chairs to prevent them from feeling comfortable. Do not put too many people on a table and try not to make too big centerpieces that will prevent your guests from conversing. It is also important not to forget some tables when you buy or make your decorations. List all the tables and their decorative plans. So you will not neglect any table. Here are 75 decorating ideas that will inspire you to decorate the tables of your wedding.

Wedding table deco photos

wedding idea deco original table

Vintage decoration for wedding

original wedding idea table

Wedding table decoration in bright colors

wedding idea deco simple table

Wedding table decoration in summer

wedding idea pink blue table

Winter wedding: table decoration ideas

winter wedding table idea

Simple decoration of wedding table

wedding idea floral deco table

Deco table idea for wedding outdoors

wedding idea outdoor deco table

Elegant wedding table decoration

wedding idea table beige golden

Table decoration for an original wedding

wedding idea elegant table

Table decoration in purple

elegant wedding idea table

Round wedding table decorated with a tablecloth in green

original wedding idea green table

Very interesting wedding table decoration

wedding idea deco table

Table decorated in pink and gray

wedding idea deco gray pink

Interesting ideas for wedding table decoration

wedding decorations table

Romantic centerpiece

modern wedding idea center table

Bouquet of flowers used as centerpiece

flower bouquet centerpiece

Floral centerpiece

floral wedding centerpiece

Table decorated with candles and flowers

wedding centerpiece

Table decoration with white flowers

centerpiece wedding idea

Country table decoration

deco table wedding champetre

original wedding centerpiece

nautical theme wedding centerpiece

original flowers centerpiece

flowers wedding champetre idee

center table wedding idea

elegant wedding deco

deco elegant wedding table

modern wedding floral deco

floral deco wedding table

bright deco wedding table

wedding deco red white table

pale pink wedding table decoration

decoration table wedding fruit flowers

wedding center idea floral table

deco retro wedding table

decor wedding champetre idea

original blue green wedding decor

original wedding table decor

retro style wedding decor

romantic deco wedding table

original wedding tables

deco white rose wedding table

white red wedding table deco

elegant floral deco idea table

idea deco wedding original table

wedding table decoration idea

idea decor wedding table

idea deco table wedding bege dore

idea deco wedding table summer

idea deco wedding table outdoor

idea deco table wedding reception

wedding idea deco centerpiece

pink tablecloth table

pink black wedding decor idea

idea wedding table center

original idea deco wedding table

ideas deco wedding table

wedding champetre original idea

original wedding deco simple table

wedding deco shell table

white blue deco wedding table

floral deco wedding table

original wedding deco table

wedding table deco green white

wedding table design pink brown

elegant wedding silver table

wedding table flowers fruit

wedding table idee deco

white brown wedding table

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