Wedding room decoration ideas with flowers

decoration wedding room ideas

Even though we love pompoms and frills, flowers are still the number one in the world. wedding room decoration. The flowers immediately create a romantic and festive atmosphere and can be used to decorate almost anything - the room, the tables, the cake and even your wedding dress!

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In this article you will find inspiring and original ideas how to make a beautiful floral decoration of your wedding hall.

Wedding room decoration with flowers

decoration wedding room flowers idea

One of the most popular wedding decorating ideas is the floral centerpiece. The concept is not new, but future brides resort more and more often to a whole new approach to the floral center in their decorations. We love the trend with fresh flowers in pots of jams and decorated bottles. It's a perfect idea for DIY wedding and with limited budget. You can use colored ribbons or laces to create a beautiful vase from an old jar of jam, or just colorful food boxes if you're a fan of DIY projects. Small metal preserves can be very well used for red sugar syrup if you want to give a vintage touch to your wedding decor.

Original wedding room decoration idea

decoration wedding room flowers idea 1

For vintage and rustic weddings, why not try fresh garden flowers in jugs and colorful carafes. Use tulips, daffodils and of the babysophiles for a joyful springtime look. The trend of making a floral centerpiece using Chinese porcelain is also very beautiful and with a vintage touch that will make your wedding even more original.

Simple and elegant floral wedding table decoration

decoration wedding room idea

In case you want something more traditional then a centerpiece with a tall candle holder and flowers is a very good idea. You just have to make sure that the candlestick and the flowers will not stop you guests from seeing each other once at the table. Think of a single flower like an orchid, for example, to make a centerpiece more simple and elegant. Orchids in pots are very suitable for this purpose.

Original wedding decor with flowers

decoration wedding room idea

The flowers can also help you decorate the wedding hall and your wedding ceremony. If you like originality and you want a unique decor, then decorate the chairs of your guests with small bouquets of your favorite flowers and ribbons. Even a single small flower, in a decorative pot, hanging on each chair is a great way to make your wedding more beautiful.

Elegant wedding decoration

elegant wedding room decoration

For a more dramatic decoration, you can embellish the aisle for the ceremony with small decorated potted trees. This approach is much more versatile than you think and will even allow you to customize the chosen trees with light garlands for a wedding in winter and decorative butterflies for a wedding in summer. Then, after your wedding day, it will be possible to take the trees home and plant them in your garden to remind you of your special wedding day.

Idea of ​​wedding decoration with flowers

decoration wedding room original idea

The wedding cake can also benefit from a floral decoration. It is actually much more beautiful and original than the traditional sugar flowers, used for wedding cakes. Some flowers on the cake are enough to make it more joyful and festive. Browse also our other very interesting and original ideas in pictures that will help you decorate your wedding room with flowers:

Wedding decoration with flowers on the guests chairs

wedding room decoration chairs

Wedding decoration with flowers in jars of jam

decoration wedding room flowers pots

Wedding table decoration with white flowers

decoration wedding room fresh flowers

Wedding centerpiece with flowers

decoration wedding room bougsies flowers

Romantic centerpiece with flowers and candles

elegant wedding centerpiece

autumn wedding room decoration

centerpiece wedding flowers

floral wedding centerpiece

elegant wedding table center

center table wedding flowers fruit

center table wedding flowers bousgies

deco wedding chairs idea

deco wedding ceremony flowers

deco wedding flowers idea

deco wedding flowers pink white

pink gray wedding deco

pink blue wedding room decoration

wedding hall decoration center

wedding hall decoration center table

chic wedding room decor

wedding room decoration flowers

yellow flowers wedding room decoration

deco wedding flowers idea

decoration wedding hall idea ceremony

decoration wedding room pot jam

wedding room decoration tables

vintage wedding room decoration

deco wedding room idea

deco table wedding idea

deco table wedding fresh flowers

deco table wedding idea

deco simple wedding table

wedding cake flowers deco

wedding room deco idea

wedding decoration idea flowers

wedding table decoration idea

wedding room deco idea

wedding flowers idea deco

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