Wedding Trend 2019 - 10 Ideas for Organizing the Most Beautiful Day of Your Life!

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At this time of year, we look to the next 12 months to explore trends in deco and wedding organization. In the text that follows, we invite you to discover 10 wedding trends 2019 to decorate your party space, imagine accessories, themes and an interesting menu for your special day.

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Wedding Trend 2019 - 10 Ideas for Organizing the Most Beautiful Day of Your Life!

These days, weddings gradually stop being centered only around the couple. Instead, weddings become the occasion to meet up with friends, to create a unique decoration, to have fun and to think of the simple joys of life. With such an attitude, the whole process of organizing a wedding party becomes more fun and enjoyable. So here are a dozen ideas to organize a unique party!

Wedding Trend 2019: Organize a Marine Theme Party

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The first wedding trend 2019 that is coming up is that of the marine theme parties. This trend continues for more than one season. For such a day, it is not necessary to make long lists of guests.


You can celebrate this wonderful event in the circle of your closest friends. And that's not all ! The marine theme is the perfect opportunity to bet on an unusual concept of party decor. Banquet rooms are out of fashion! Look for interesting and unusual places instead. It may be a rooftop party in a city building or an old manor house by the sea. A riverside buffet or a warehouse are other original ideas.

In short, what began as a way to save has turned into a true 2019 wedding trend. Adopt the marine theme to follow it!

Wedding trend 2019 with a geometric decoration


The second wedding trend 2019 that we present to you today is that of geometric decoration. This trend has already taken shape in 2018. And it will be relevant again in 2019. The wedding decoration with a geometric pattern is easy and it's chic!


How to follow this wedding trend 2019. The options are really numerous. For example, instead of a traditional arch, decorate with flowers a construction that you have done yourself. Replace a regular flower vase with a vase shaped like a prism or cube!

In general, all geometric shapes are suitable for a 2019 wedding decoration.


To top it off, go for a wedding photo shoot in front of a wedding arch. To decorate it, you can opt for various approaches. Think of vines or climbing plants, for example!

2019 wedding trend with a 3D decoration


The 3D effects are another trend wedding theme 2019. By 2018 already, this technique has been used to recreate images of famous paintings. This type of decoration can be expensive. Remember to plan a part of your budget for this purpose. The light shows can accompany this 2019 trend wedding in a very successful way!

Wedding trend in 2019 with original wedding photos

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Wedding photographers are constantly looking for new ideas for wedding photo shoots. No wonder this has turned into a 2019 wedding trend. It's up to you to decide what is the original way you want to organize your wedding photo shoot!

Trendy wedding 2019 with Scandinavian or French style decor


Another trend wedding 2019 this year touches the Scandinavian theme or the French decor. Think of interiors and decorative objects that convey the atmosphere of the Scandinavian region or the French countryside.


What's good about these two 2019 trend wedding decor themes is that you can achieve them with a very reasonable budget. The only condition is to take it in advance!

Trendy wedding 2019 with invitations to design inspired by minimalism


Despite the prevalence of technology in everyday life, wedding invitations do not lose their appeal. And so much the better! Because, a 2019 wedding trend, these are minimalist spirit invitations.


To adopt this trend, opt for invitations inspired by minimalism and a monochrome color palette. Ideally, this wedding invitation deco can be done on an original support. Another good idea is to accompany it with natural touches, like plants.

Wedding trend 2019 with a daring wedding decoration


More and more couples are organizing their wedding parties in a special or original place. It is probably for this reason that the wedding bow has already become a mandatory attribute of the ceremony. In 2018, it was partially replaced by a huge ring decorated with flowers.


In any case, the 2019 wedding trend is bright and daring. If the style of your party allows it, give up the wooden signs and choose the neon inscriptions! Keep in mind that the neon is all the more interesting as a decoration in the evening. In short, look for an unusual color palette by drawing inspiration everywhere around you!

2019 wedding trend with trendy wedding colors


The wedding fashion in 2019 is not the most radically transformed compared to the previous year. Some colors will continue to be relevant in 2019, such as all types of beige, champagne, cream, etc.


In addition, the shades of powder, peach and pale pink will also be very fashionable this year. After all, what do you call it? According to the Pantone Institute, the trend color for 2019 is coral pink. By the way, it's an ideal shade for your bridal makeup. You can take a look at our article on the makeup with this color to find interesting ideas for your makeup in pink coral shade.


Otherwise, this year, you can also adopt more bold colors. The choice of the ideal palette for your party will depend largely on the atmosphere you seek to create.

2019 wedding trend with wedding animations


Another wedding trend 2019 concerns the entertainment organized on the day of the party. In the past, we used to imagine games for the smallest guests. As for the animations, they were often centered around the couple and witnesses.


Well, this is not the case today! The games are organized to involve everyone. The idea behind this is to create a more fun and warm atmosphere. With, of course, all the guests participating in the activities in their own right!

Wedding Ideas 2019 with an original party date


Choosing a wedding date is one of couples' first concerns. Some do not attach much importance to the meaning of the date. Others, on the contrary, use numerology to select an ideal day for the occasion. In any case, you can select an interesting date if you have enough time in advance. Traditionally, the number of wedding dates in fashion is: 06/06, 07/07, 08/08.


For this year, another interesting date is that of September 19, 2019. Although it is Thursday, many people will want to get married by this date centered around the numbers 9 and 1. Another original date for this year is the 09 / 10/2019 which is viewed as an increasing number. So here are some interesting ideas for your wedding date.

And now, we invite you to explore all our images to inspire you to imagine a beautiful decor for your party!


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