Which work plan to choose for the kitchen: tips and tricks


You have already purchased the kitchen storage cabinets, selected the appliances and ordered the knobs and handles for the furniture. So it's the turn of the work plan.

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But what workplan to choose ? It's a difficult dilemma, yes, but not impossible! The time when the wooden worktop was considered kitsch, the granite was a little too expensive and we had to be satisfied just with the right shade of a rolled plan is over. Today, when you want to decorate the kitchen of your dreams, you have the choice between dozens of materials including stone, composite quartz, corian and glass, not to mention the eternal wood and stainless steel.

Which worktop to choose for the kitchen: modern kitchen with corian worktop

which work plan choose green kitchen

There are really a lot of things to consider when you're wondering what workplan to choose . The budget comes first and it will also influence the type of material you will choose. Then come the convenience - we always want the least maintenance possible and third is the appearance - the color, texture and design details such as curves or thin profile. You may want a workplan which complements your kitchen furniture or on the contrary - one to create a beautiful contrast? Try as many options as you can to make the right choice.

White kitchen with modern granite countertop

which kitchen plan choose black granite

No matter what material you choose for the worktop, it still needs to be modeled. This is the process when the material is cut to fit the size of the cabinets that will be underneath with cuts for the plates and sink and any lengths to form a bar. Some materials can be cut on the spot, while others need to be cut in the factory which can take up to two to three weeks after furniture is installed in your kitchen. It is important to have this in mind when you are preparing to use your new kitchen.

Kitchen decoration with two islands and granite worktop

which kitchen plan to choose granite

Granite worktops are extremely popular as they are at the same time very strong and durable. Granite is also a great choice for those who love to cook - its cold surface is perfect for baking. Each slab of granite will be unique as it is natural stone, so expect to see different colorations on each example you see. The granite surface requires a lot of maintenance as it gets stuck and can be easily scratched. Just use cutting boards for the preparation and make sure the granite has been pre-sealed before installation.

Contemporary kitchen decoration with granite worktop

which worktop choose granite open kitchen

The marble worktops are available in four variations and are ideal for giving a beautiful and natural look to your kitchen. The marble worktop is always very special and sophisticated and requires special maintenance. Do not hesitate to talk to a specialist about exactly how you should deal with it. But apart from this aspect, by choosing a marble plan, you will create a very beautiful and modern kitchen.

Elegant kitchen decoration with marble work surface

which worktop to choose marble

Let's continue with the quartz worktop. The quartz worktop also exists with many different profiles. This granite alternative, made by man, offers many advantages, for example, a great consistency of colors. Silestone quartz, for example, is available in more than 60 different colors and has the advantage of having an integrated antibacterial protection. Quartz is also a stain and scratch resistant material but as with all work surfaces, you must take care of it and always use existing protections.

Contemporary kitchen with quartz countertop

which worktop to choose quartz

Corian and hi-mac worktops are perfect for creating flowing shapes, curves and flowing lines. As they are also made by man, colors and patterns are constant and joins are invisible. Fluid finishes can be combined with similar built-in sinks to create the impression of a single room. This makes these types of plans very hygienic because there are no holes or joints for bacteria and dirt. The latest flush hobs are also perfect partners for these beautiful surfaces.

Hi-macs ultra modern worktop

kitchen worktop hi-macs

If you want natural warmth and character in your kitchen, wooden worktops are the perfect solution for classic and contemporary kitchens. Opt for oak, maple or beech if it's a traditional style kitchen and for bamboo, aveng or Iroko for a more modern look. Since wood is a natural material, the shade and grain of each piece will vary. The wooden surface will develop patina and character with age and use. The wood requires more maintenance than other materials like, for example, to be greased at least once every three months, but the result certainly is worth it.

Contemporary kitchen with wood worktop

worktop modern kitchen wood

If one has to talk about contemporary trends, quartz is a material whose popularity is growing more and more. With a focus on natural shades, it offers a very elegant look that is perfect to be combined with modern furniture available - started with wood furniture and lacquered furniture. White quartz has always been popular with its fresh, minimalist appearance for ultra modern kitchens.

Quartz kitchen decoration idea

which worktop to choose white quartz

The thickness and depth of workplan play very important roles for the design of the modern kitchen. By mixing thicker profiles with thinner surfaces you will create definition and help to differentiate the different work areas in the space. With modern materials, such as silestone and other solid surfaces, you can create islands of cooking and peninsulas of great depth. These islets and peninsulas are ideal to accommodate the latest extractors suction, to integrate into the worktop, to avoid having a large hood and to create a more harmonious look.

Lacquered kitchen deco with corian worktop

worktop modern kitchen corian

Varying the height of your worktop offers not only practical advantages, but also aesthetic benefits. To achieve this, it all comes down to good planning and the skills of the professional kitchen designer and the assembler. Ergonomic side, it is important to have the correct height for different areas. The height of the standard worktop is designed to be comfortable for cooking and preparation.

Gray kitchen in wood with granite work surface

which worktop to choose gray granite

This level of height is not comfortable to sit on bar stools or chairs. Such use can, in the long run, lead to poor posture or health problems. When you vary the different heights of the worktop in the different areas, choose a suitable material. Granite is the perfect surface for cooking because it is always cold. If you have opted for a large black worktop, then you can introduce lighter areas, texture and different heights to "break" the dark appearance and create visual interest in the decorative scheme.

Modern white kitchen decoration

silestone kitchen worktop

Mixing different materials is a very popular trend in recent years. This makes the kitchen decor more original with a variety of colors and textures and to prevent the look from becoming heavily dominated by a single material. Mixing materials can also help reduce the cost of work surfaces. For example, granite is a luxurious material with a high price, so introducing wood areas, for example, can create an interesting design and, at the same time, reduce the cost of the work.

Contemporary design kitchen with worktop of mixed materials

mixed kitchen worktop

And finally, we advise you to always ask the services of a professional for the installation of the work plan in your kitchen. Because even if it is an extremely luxurious and expensive worktop, if it is not installed, welded and designed properly, it will end up looking unkempt and badly chosen. Do not be anxious to get things done quickly in your kitchen and ask for draining grooves next to the sink if you want to. Maintain the work plan that you have always chosen with the recommended products.

Modern design wooden kitchen

which worktop to choose white marble

which work plan choose corian

kitchen design mixed worktop

worktop corain cuisine

worktop corain kitchen wood

kitchen design corian worktop

modern kitchen corian worktop

wood design kitchen worktop

wooden kitchen worktop idea

white silestone kitchen worktop

which worktop choose kitchen grantite black

which worktop to choose white granite

which worktop to choose hi-macs

which worktop choose modern marble

which worktop kitchen wood

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