White living room decor for a bright and modern interior

deco living room white floor rug flowers cushion sofa coffee table design armchair

Today, we will be interested in the white living room decor . If you are looking for original ideas for decorating your living room interior or other blank room, our article is for you.

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We invite you to discover our selection of 50 examples of contemporary interiors of sleek design.

White living room decor in 50 inspiring ideas

deco living room white armchair green design corner sofa wood coffee table

White is not a color per se. It is nevertheless very present in contemporary interiors for its natural, neutral and elegant side. It brings an atmosphere of freshness and purity. In terms of interior decoration, white is used as much in painting on walls, ceiling and floor as on wood and lacquered furniture. This color is suitable for all rooms: the kitchen , the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom and the toilet.

White living room decor with vegetation and floor mats

deco living room white sofa white coffee table white plant furniture wood

If you've chosen white as the dominant color in your home, you already know that it's easy to match all other colors and materials. In addition, it visually makes the space brighter and more spacious. The choice of this color has many advantages and very few disadvantages. Suitable everywhere and for everything, it can be married and match to several different interior styles. For this reason, our gallery includes various examples.

White living room deco industrial style with vintage sofa

indoor living room industrial style design sofa brown leather floor rug round coffee table wood design

The white color is often the dominant color in the interiors of Scandinavian inspiration . In recent times, this style of interior design has taken over the hearts of designers and design enthusiasts. Loved for its simplicity, its geometric and flexible forms, it is not surprising that it favors the presence of the white color.

Modern living room interior decorated with chalkboard and design objects

living room wall deco wall idea sofa gray design armchair tv tv stand

Contrary to some myths that white is an icy and elitist color, indeed, combined with wooden furniture, it can create a very friendly and warm atmosphere. To avoid getting a sterile and faded interior, it is very important to contrast the white with another color. The key to a successful Scandinavian design is the mix of materials and colors, while remaining simple.

Modern white interior with wooden floor and designer hanging chair

design hanging armchair sofa tapsi floor parquet wood modern contemporary interior

There really are no rules when it comes to decorating your room. Each object can fit into a white interior. All the same, to succeed your decoration, adapt it to what you already have. It is important not to redo your living room because of a new element (furniture or decorative). It is also important to rediscover what you already have at home. Then it's up to you to mix the parts and objects and assign them a new function. A successful decoration is one that is not imposing, cumbersome or very expensive. The key is balance and harmony.

Modern interior furnished with designer sofa and rustic wood coffee table

living room decor in white sofa beige leather coffee table rustic armchair vintage

For a lounge fully furnished in white (walls, furniture), you can add some colorful accents: cushions, frames, flowers and flower pots. If you still do not buy the furniture for your living room, but you have painted your wall and floor in white, you can buy a couch in a different color and decorate it with cushions. For a slightly industrial style, opt for a vintage leather sofa or armchair. We must not forget the importance of wood. A beautiful rustic wooden coffee table will immediately make your living room more cozy and elegant.

Interior decorated with photographs of planes

deco living room wall frame wooden table pouf white floor rug gray design tv stand

To make an interior even more fresh and natural, we advise you to revegetate your room by installing some flower pots. Choose from plants that fit well to the space and the conditions. They will make your house more beautiful, but above all they are full of oxygen!

Plant decoration: an important decorative element

interior modern living room sofa white cushion coffee table deco plant idea parquet floor white wood

Modern interior with dining room open to the living room

interior deco living room white idea sofa gray frame wall flowers deco dining room table fixture hanging carpet white

Gray floor mats

deco living room white design armchair sofa floor mats gray

Decoration with frames, cushions and plants

deco living room armchair white white table design lighting fixture hanging picture frame

deco living room white cushion sofa white floor rug coffee table glass plant

deco modern living room idea floor rug marsala gray coffee table white sofa cushion modern furniture

deco living room in white design sofa flowers bouquet coffee table tiles

deco interior sofa white cushion flowers idea lighting ottoman

deco living room sofa black design idea lighting fixture hanging wooden table low chair

deco living room white armchair white cushion frame plant fireplace carpet beige

decoration couch design deco plant flowers tv tv white

deco living room white coffee table carpet floor sofa corner white stair

deco living room curtains red sofa white fixture hanging armchair

black white living room decoration design marble wall idea

deco living room black and white design sofa modern lighting table wall cabinet tv

minimalist deco living room armchair white frame red cushions

deco living room white floor rug pink armchair white sofa gray cushions furniture

deco living room white sofa design white cushions decor white armchair chair dining table white

deco living room frames wooden table design armchair parquet white flowers

couch white design cushion cushions idea deco fixture white ottoman

deco interior modern living room armchair blue sofa black open kitchen floor mats gray

deco living room white scandinavian design carpet stripes armchair yellow modern sofa white

Apartment design new york gray sofa cushions wooden chair white table low wall deco

indoor modern floor rug butterfly sofa cushion armchair design deco wall frame

deco living room white table vintage sofa flowers design pouf modern

living room interior design frame wall deco sofa black idea luminaire in suspension

interior decoration frame wall idea living room in white design dining room open

interior living room modern sofa white rustic wooden table fixture tiling fireplace

interior design living room deco pink floor mats lacquered white furniture bookcase

deco living room sofa white corner design armchair open kitchen idea layout

sofa deco cushion idea interior modern plant deco parquet white

modern interior decoration frame sofa white design parquet wood TV cabinet tv

beige floor rug white pouf design interior living room arrangement frame mirror lamp

living room deco idea sofa white carpet beige black and white armchair

deco living room white brown sofa corner cushion idea deco furniture

modern living room interior decor whiteboard deco wall frame floor mats white

deco living room contemporary white floor rug glass table sofa white deco plant idea mirror wall

deco interior living room furniture white wood armchair floor mats gray fixture black

interior modern living room sofa coffee table frame buddha pouf black and white parquet

deco living room interior modern floor mats green armchair shelves tv stand

deco modern living room lighting suspension design sofa white flowers pink floral deco

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