Why choose a kitchen with wood worktop

worktop wood idea kitchen

The wood worktop is an excellent choice for kitchens rustic or traditional style, as well as modern and contemporary kitchens. The wood worktop offer a very different natural beauty of all other materials on the market.
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In today's article, we will explain why choosing a workplan is a good choice for the kitchen and we will present some ideas in pictures how to integrate this detail in space.

Wood worktop in modern kitchen in beige

worktop wood image cuisine

But why choose wood and not another material? The wood has a lot of advantages. One of the main interests of wood is its ability to improve as time goes by. Properly maintained, that is to say a regular seal, the wooden worktop can last really very long. The wooden plan can even add value to your home, especially if it is a rustic style kitchen where wood is the main decoration. While worktops made from other materials age badly, wood gains character and beauty over the years.

White kitchen with wood worktop

worktop wood white kitchen deco

The maintenance of the kitchen with wood worktop is simple and only requires putting oil on the wood every two months and make sure not to use abrasive cleaning materials on the surface. Lubricating the wooden surface will help it to not deform after the heat in the kitchen. And even if you accidentally damage your wooden worktop, you can easily sand the damaged surface to get to the layer underneath. Another advantage of wood is that it is naturally resistant to bacteria, unlike other surfaces.

Modern kitchen decoration with wooden worktop

wooden worktop modern kitchens

Wood worktops are not particularly difficult to install and installing them does not take much time. It is best not to try to install the plan yourself to avoid positioning it incorrectly. A special moisture-resistant adhesive is necessary to seal the wood, avoiding its degradation as time goes by.

Deco kitchen idea in black with solid wood worktop and bar

kitchen worktop wood bar

The moment of furnishing or decoration of the kitchen is the perfect moment to install a wooden worktop. There is a large choice of models, colors and shades of wooden surfaces. You must choose the work plan according to your kitchen decoration and your needs. The maple worktops are in light shades and are perfect for modern kitchens. The tinted oak will give a darker and modern look to the contemporary kitchen. Beech surfaces spruce or o They are paler and less imposing, making them perfect for rustic or modern interiors. Cherry or iroko are less common, but are gaining more and more popularity because of their unique appearance. Here are some ideas of modern and original kitchens with wooden worktops:

Traditional kitchen decoration with central island

wooden worktop kitchen traditional design

Contemporary kitchen in gray with wooden worktop

gray kitchen wood worktop

Lacquered kitchen with wooden center island

worktop wood kitchen lacquer

Wooden kitchen decoration idea

worktop wood kitchen wood

Deco of contemporary wooden kitchen

worktop wood oak kitchen

Modern kitchen in traditional wooden style

kitchen solid wood worktop

kitchen light wood work plan

deco contemporary wood kitchen

deco modern kitchen wood

deco kitchen work plan wood

deco traditional kitchen wood

decoration kitchen wood plan

modern wood kitchen decoration

decoration Scandinavian wood kitchen

kitchen deco idea

kitchen deco idea lacquered wood

modern kitchen deco idea

wooden worktop kitchen design

minimalist kitchen wood worktop

modern kitchen wood worktop

worktop wood kitchen black white

wooden worktop traditional kitchen

worktop wood deco

wood design worktop

worktop wood idea

worktop wood idea kitchen

worktop wood kitchen island

small kitchen worktop

work plan kitchen idea

wooden kitchen worktop

blue kitchen wooden worktop

wooden Scandinavian kitchen countertop

wooden worktop kitchen design gray

wooden worktop laquered kitchen

wooden worktop modern kitchen

wooden worktop traditional kitchen

wooden worktop idea

wooden worktop kitchen island

black wooden worktop

work plan kitchen idea

worktop wood ideas

beige kitchen wood worktop

kitchen wood worktop

wooden worktop kitchen modern deco

white kitchen worktop

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