Window sill: what to do with the space at the window sill?

space window deco fixture suspension cushion window bench armchair

A window sill . The ideal place to decorate with flowers, objects, cushions or to place a piece of furniture underneath. Nowadays, the window bench is a common trend.

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There are several contemporary versions and often modern designers arrange the window sill with a lot of attention. In the United States, this space is arranged with a mattress or filled with cushions. It's not out of date, on the contrary, it's functional and practical. As much as one has a window support so much enjoy it, is not it? Which configuration to choose for this space? If you also want to transform this space into a cocoon in the best possible way, discover our selection of 80 fabulous planning ideas ...

Window sill decorated and arranged with small library

window sill idea deco plant books bookcase cushion deco flowerpot candle

Sitting comfortably on the windowsill with a beautiful view of the outside, enjoying the sun and the pure white beauty of the falling snow ... That's a scene that can happen to you if you have a window shelf and it is still undeveloped. Did you know that in the Middle Ages, window shelves served as seats? Women who worked with their hands could sit and enjoy the light of day while doing business.

Large storage cabinet with bench placed below the window

furniture wood bench window space saving arrangement space below window

Large comfortable sofa: functional and practical idea to save space

living room space saving sofa idea armchair blue round table low design curtains

Lay out the space below the window, it's simple. First of all, it all depends on the size of your window sill. If it is small, it will then think of a piece of furniture (a bench or other) that you can place. Then just put a mattress not very thick, lots of cushions against which to rely, a blanket (for really cold days) and here is your corner of rest and reading ready ! The space below the bench can be turned into a small library or storage space for some of your belongings. Take a book and contemplate the landscape with tea at your fingertips, meditate, relax, enjoy to the full ...

Very large sofa in an eclectic interior

window sill decoration idea cushion curtains deco chair wooden cushions

The transformation of your window sill will help you save space and rethink the redevelopment of your room space. If your window sill is too small and narrow, before installing any piece of furniture, take the right steps so you do not end up with a bench too high. Another solution, ecological and economic, are the wooden pallets . You can tinker with your own furniture at a small price. If your window sill is placed very low and the height allows it, it is also possible to simply put some big cushions on the floor.

Idea of ​​furniture and furnishing by Ikea

space saving window library wood idea plant deco space saving

Another idea, very suitable, is to decorate and green this space with indoor plants that live throughout the year regardless of the season (succulent, succulents , cactus and others). Bring nature into your little paradise ...

Storage idea with two green Ikea stools

stool green ikea cheap idea layout space saving deco plant

You will see that it is not difficult at all to take full advantage of the winter season. If you're not a big fan of winter, designing a cozy area - such as the window bench - will help you appreciate the beauty of this season while staying warm. If you do not have a veranda or terrace, window sills are ideal for turning them into a relax area with a beautiful view. It is possible to install a bedside table to deposit your cup or your book. To energize the whole thing, you can paint the frame of your window in a different and crisp color.

Children's room with large reading area

decoration bedroom child room saving idea floor rug wood bench drawers storage

Relaxation, rest, reading ...

window sill decoration deco plant cushion space saving idea

Little paradise corner with beautiful view

window space saving idea window bench table wood cushions idea mirrors

Large sofa in an elegant interior

window idea furnishings cushion floor mats living room coffee table

Teddy bear

arrangement window idea luminaire suspension plush

Reading corner in a library

corner reading library idea floor rug stool orange arrangement library

space saving window sill cushions

window support deco idea cushion mattress cushion carpet floor wardrobe

window support idea decoration cushion shelves

space saving room idea window decoration

window sill window bench cushion deco floor mat dining room table

window support idea decoration cushion wood furniture space saving bench bedroom

idea window space furniture space saving deco cushion corner reading curtains stripes

window sill idea design cushion bench bedroom girl pink floor rug fixture

furniture edge window idea design corner reading cushion fixture suspension deco plant furniture wooden drawers

window support cushion round table bouquet flowers deco space saving

window support arrangement idea cushion bedroom decor wardrobe

idea of ​​space saving wardrobe

deco bench window space idea design space saving deco flowers

corner reading lounge sofa blue cushions idea deco flowers

corner reading paradise idea cushions curtains deco cover

girl room idea gain room corner reading wallpaper pink

arrangement room boy space saving corner reading window support

idea space saving staircase window space fixture suspension staircase wood white design

corner reading idea layout window space cushions shelves white wood design

window idea design cushion bench deco wall table table marble armchair white idea shelves

rim window idea decoration cushion corner reading wall bricks

window space idea arrangement cushions space saving window curtains

bedroom support window idea space saving cushions

sitting area window idea layout space saving dining room

room boy space saving space window cushion arrangement idea floor mat bed

corner reading window space idea deco cushion pallet wooden round floor mat

reading corner idea cushion arrangement shelves wood bookcase wall deco

cushion arrangement idea window bench floor mats beige armchair curtains plant

small space arrangement bench reading corner cushions idea drawers storage

idea window space space saving cushion chair vintage wooden

armchair space saving cushion idea design curtains green design armchair

cushion bench window idea decoration deco space saving

deco window sofa idea lighting armchair cushion space saving living room wall deco

furniture wood window arrangement idea chair orange design blue deco modern wall

cushion idea decoration deco space window deco sitting

window bench idea deco curtains white soft toys cushions

space window decoration decor idea furniture white wood chair curtains green carpet black and white

cushions patterns bench window space coin reading

retro interior space saving bouquet of flowers chair cushion curtains idea

window space saving bench cushion curtains reading corner

window support idea decoration furnishing window bench cushion wooden table

corner reading floor mats cushion lighting fixture stool ottoman

window deco cushion window bench space saving coin reading

wardrobe idea design wood design wardrobe deco cushion curtains gray

space saving space window idea arrangement cushion curtains original

idea dining room space saving wooden table pendant light chair wood parquet design round table low cushion window bench

reading corner bedroom layout window space saving

support window idea decoration decoration space saving

girl room space saving cushion pink petis pois idea

window space arrangement cushion idea house wood

deco window bench curtains space saving plush bear cushions wood furniture storage

window space deco cushion curtains

corner reading idea layout space saving cushion curtains window

light fixture hanging window concept idea cushions idea space saving corner reading

idea window support deco cushions space saving practical modern design

space saving window space idea design cushion drawers

window idea layout space below floor mat red curtains piano wood bench

space saving window idea cushion arrangement lighting fixture hanging wooden table table wall cushions

dining room space saving bench window idea lighting

space saving bathroom window bench idea cushions

window arrangement cushion idea space space saving room child

support window deco idea cushion curtains purple parquet deco soft toys curtains original shelves wood

idea window support cushion layout living room space saving

corner reading idea armchair chair cushion window living room floor mats coffee table

window space saving idea layout cushion table wooden design bedroom

window sill idea decoration cushion bedroom sofa beige lighting armchair coffee table furniture wood design

window sill idea deco floor mats gray cushions armchair stool

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