Winter cocooning decor: cushions, blankets and knitted furniture

cocooning decor modern living room

In winter, we all need a little more warmth and comfort. When it's cold outside, we naturally tend to spend more time at home, near the fireplace with a good book in hand.
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Do not hesitate to make a cocooning decor against the cold by making your interior even more cozy and comfortable with a few accessories. The best anti-cold allies are the decorative cushions, the blankets in soft materials and the knitted furniture.

Modern living room cocooning decor in blue

deco cocooning interior blue

Decorative cushions, soft blankets and knitted furniture create a feeling of both physical and visual comfort. These are beautiful objects in textures and warm shades, perfect for cold days. It is difficult to see a sofa decorated with plush cushions and blankets and not want to touch them. And even if you do not really have the time to sit on it, having such an atmosphere in front of you already seems pleasant enough.

Cozy living room with cocooning decor for the winter

modern interior cocooning decor

There are really no rules how to make a good combination of cushions and blankets, just simply love each piece you use for the cocooning decor . It's true that the possibilities are endless, but if you're not sure what you want, first go for accessories found in specialty stores instead of investing in custom-made pieces. Stores offer less expensive options that will help you decide, for example, whether you prefer leather, knitwear or accessories such as buttons or pompoms.
Living room decoration with cushions, blankets and knitted furniture

deco cocooning idea living room contemporary

You can put decorative cushions in every corner of the sofa or make piles for even more comfort. If you have cushions of different styles, try combining them according to their material, size or texture to create a harmonious decor. Feel free to experiment with cushions and covers in materials and textures that you dare not use otherwise, to create an even more original decor.
Knitted stools of original design

deco cocooning idea poufs

One or two decorative covers placed on the sofa in the living room are enough to make your decor more warm and create a visual contrast. If you want to decorate with even more blankets, then you can put them on armchairs or on ottomans. Opt for accent colors that follow well with your decor. The perfect colors for winter are white, brown, beige, mustard or orange.
Cocooning decoration of the bedroom

deco cocooning bedroom design

As for knitted furniture, if you like the idea of ​​having one or two pieces of this style, then you can very well opt for knitted ottomans. Present in a large number of houses all over the world, the poufs are at the same time comfortable and functional and can be used even as stools or coffee tables. Indeed, knitted beanbags are an excellent choice thanks to their universality and many decorators prefer them for the creation of a warm interior in winter.
Winter decorating idea - contemporary living room

deco cocooning anti cold

The bedroom is certainly the most appropriate space for a decor with knitted furniture and accessories that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can find a large number of patterns and designs of knitted pieces such as stools, coffee tables, lounge chairs, armchairs, sofas and even light fixtures. Here are some ideas how to create a beautiful cocooning decor for the coldest days of winter:
Living room decoration idea for winter

contemporary living room cocooning decor

Knitted accessories for the anti-cold decor

decorative cocooning accessories knitted

Original idea for welcoming and warm living room decor

deco cocooning living room knitted furniture

cocooning room deco idea

cocooning deco living room winter

cocooning idea deco winter armchair

deco canape winter accessories

deco cocooning autumn living room

deco cocooning room chalet

deco cocooning cozy room

deco cocooning room idea

deco cocooning cushions winter blanket

deco cocooning knitted blanket

deco cocooning decor room

deco cocooning winter living room

deco cocooning idea salon

deco cocooning interior eclectic

deco cocooning interior scandinavian

deco cocooning knitted poufs

deco cocooning dining room

deco cocooning living room blanket

deco cocooning living room elegant

deco cocooning lounge chair

deco cocooning modern living room

deco cocooning living room modern winter

deco cocooning living room modern idea

deco cocooning design stools

decoration living room winter idea

Scandinavian style living room decoration

deco living room winter Scandinavian style

idea deco bedroom winter

interior deco idea winter

winter salon decoration idea

modern living room decoration idea

idea deco comfortable living room winter

furniture knitting deco living room

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