Winter decoration for the interior with unexpected accents

winter decoration ideas

Even if the winter is not yet quite there, the days become shorter and more and more dark. This is the perfect moment to make a winter decoration modern with unexpected accents like dark-colored walls and a metal floor.

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Look at the images below filled with industrial touches, elegant accents and designer walls in gray. Because the cold weather and the gray sky can become an excellent source of inspiration for a winter decoration from the inside really very original.

Winter decoration of ultra modern living room

winter decoration idea living room

Let's start with the metal floor that we often see outside like, for example, on garden paths or on the stairs. But how about incorporating textured metal into your interior decor? Yes, real metal flooring may not always be practical for the interior, but modern flooring options that mimic the look of metal are very numerous, such as steel and bronze.

Design lounge deco

winter decoration living room design

Let's continue with the wall decoration in rich and dark colors and with original accents. You certainly do not have to paint all your walls in black, but a dark gray accent wall can really work wonders for your contemporary interior. When it comes to wall decor, there are so many options - cladding your walls with corrugated metal or creating salvaged sheet metal accents are just two examples. Here are some interesting ideas in pictures, have fun:

Living room decoration idea in dark shades

winter decoration design living room

Deco of interesting workspace

winter decoration idea office

Living room decorated in white and gray

decoration winter idea deco living room

Design flooring imitation metal

winter decoration idea soil

Design living room with accent wall in gray

winter decoration walls gray

winter decoration modern living room

decoration living room design fireplace

elegant design living room decoration

modern living room decoration gray walls

modern adult room deco idea

elegant lounge deco idea

idea living room gray walls

idea wall deco walls

living room deco original winter

deco bathroom design

modern bathroom decoration

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