Winter Garden Care: Care and Advice

Winter garden maintenance garden preparation for winter

The winter maintenance of garden starts in November as the weather conditions this season are rough and cold and frost will damage your trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses.

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Young plants will need special protection. You must also cut shrubs when they start to turn yellow to prevent them from wilting.

A winter garden maintenance with a plant in a wooden seal


If you do not do your winter garden maintenance the plants will bring their sap back to their roots and in case they are not cut, they will wither away. Newly planted specimens can be protected with a winter veil that you would find in specialty stores. The veil will let the air pass, as well as the water and the sun pass through but will protect the plants from frost and cold.

Make a mulch on your perennials with straw, bark, dried grass, dead leaves

make mulch on dead leaves plants

Another way to protect your plants is to do it with straw, dried grass, bark, dead leaves or paperboard. The thickness of the protection you make must be about 7cm for plants, 50cm for bushes and 100cm for trees. In winter you have to remove the snow from the leafy species and tie it with a string on a stand so that the snow does not damage the crowns.

Garden protection during the winter with bark

protection garden winter barks

In acid soils of the lawn, a coating is preferable to the green zone, with finely ground limestone; or dolomite, with a coating thickness of 1 cm. the material is scattered with paddle. In clay soils and resin to prevent frost on the grass, and also for its air supply, it is best to do the sanding. Use washed sand with a coating thickness of 4 mm to 1 cm.

Perennial plant protection with straw

winter garden view

In winter, during a winter maintenance garden , the cleaning of garden trails is desirable. When a thick layer of snow accumulates on the lawn, perennial flowers, hydrangeas, and other weak species. the jelly contributes in their roots and grass in these places remain bald because the accumulated snow a few days becomes a thick layer of ice due to temperature differences in the day.

Prune the plants!

winter preparation cut plants

DIY and gardening tools

useful views winter garden preparation

Protect your shrubs with a wintering veil

protect your garden with winter sailing

A decorative garden during the winter

decorative garden during winter

Winter garden maintenance in progress

winter maintenance garden course

You can prune the plants and shrubs to protect them

cut shrubs to protect

You will need to prepare the garden for the cold season

prepare your garden for the cold season

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