Women's summer 2015 trend: 80 outfit ideas

Trend summer 2015 woman trend idea held woman 2016

Summer inspires us to look for and adapt new looks. You certainly want to refresh your wardrobe while following the trends. At the beginning of this year, a hundred parades had been held in many cities around the world.

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The spring-summer 2015 trends were quickly identified. They were marked by a definitive return to the 80s and a modern hippie look ... Inspired by some online fashion bloggers, we made an exceptional selection of " trend summer 2015 woman Which includes inspiring ideas for how to dress up stylishly in the summer!

Trend summer 2015 woman: dress by Nordstrom

Trendy summer 2015 woman dress elegant evening nordstrom paul rafe

Denim has been very present in the form of suits, jumpsuits, shorts, jackets and shirts. Small white or floral lace dresses have been present in many fashion shows. Monica Feudi, Miu-Miu, Valentino and other creators have clearly expressed in their collections the inspiration brought by the years of the festival, the rock and the sexual revolution. Long single-colored skirts and long dresses floral motifs also invade the wardrobes. Another interesting element that has been identified is the presence of geometric patterns: stripes, squares, rectangles and circles. Geometry has definitely marked fashion in 2015!

Trend summer 2015 women: denim in all these forms

Trend summer 2015 woman trend shirt woman long trend seek jeans blackfive necklace jc penney

The high waist (denim, shorts or skirt), also inspired by hippie, has already made its return a few years ago. It is still relevant. You've probably already seen it, but in reality the high-waisted jean has an optical effect: it lengthens the legs and beautifully emphasizes the forms.

Summer 2015 trend woman: high waist skirt with floral pattern

trend summer woman 2015 skirt floral pattern platform sandals

Since Jean-Paul Gauthier introduced them to the podium of contemporary fashion, the stripes have not come out of fashionista's wardrobe: always fashionable and always pretty. It is a must have for every person who is interested in fashion and loves clothes. Of course, you have to choose the outfit that suits your silhouette and your proportions. In general horizontal stripes have a "magnifying" effect. On the other hand, the vertical stripes refine the figure.

Lulu dress and jacket with vertical stripes

dress lulu modern design trend woman summer 2015 pumps

The trends of this summer: denim!

Trend summer 2015 woman shorts jeans white shirt modern glasses

Indeed, these trends are not really new, they are the ones that have persisted in the diktats of fashion. Remember the Britney Spears years and the low-rise jeans? It is no longer current, because it makes appear the legs shorter. It is not appropriate for women who are small and / or round. Finally, regardless of trends, your silhouette is unique and you must choose what is best for it to highlight. Often we follow the trends inspired by the fine models, even anorexic, but in the end we are all very different. We must not adapt to trends, but adapt trends to our silhouette and our tastes. To be original and comfortable in one's clothes is to be beautiful. To be fashionable is to choose and define one's own style.

Little white dress IRO and shoes Celine

fashion woman white dress iro shoes celine vivaluxury

The trend for shoes: the more comfortable the shoes, the more beautiful you are. This summer is the platform! Indeed, many ladies of small size include in their dress shoes. To tell the truth, it is not the most comfortable shoe in the world ... But there are solutions! This year is not the time for cherries, but the time of the platforms. For a rebellious look and really modern, we recommend doors to pretty platform shoes. You can find on several sites this type of shoes in shapes, colors and different materials. Asos offers many models from the most expensive to the cheapest. Prices vary and even the cheapest products are of good quality and, of course, a design that follows the trends.

Blue long skirt Topshop

fashion woman trend skirt long summer outfit trendy look

Banana Republic mustard dress: a trendy color this summer

look woman summer 2015 trend dress sunglasses

Fashion and Geometry: Shopping Skirt

Trendy summer 2015 trendy woman outfit season blue leather bag

Women's summer trend 2015: shorts in jeans and pair of Converse

trend summer woman 2015 shorts jean t-shirt converse

The trends of this summer: denim!

Trend summer 2015 woman shorts jeans white shirt modern glasses

Denim combe-shorts and platform shoes

Trend summer 2015 woman fashion jeans platform shoes

70s look: lace blouse and denim shorts

woman outfit fashion 2015 lace blouse denim shorts shoe trend leather sunglasses

Denim shorts and pair of Converse sneakers for a boyish look

woman look trendy boyish denim shorts vest converse sneakers sunglasses

Sailor and denim shorts

woman trend outfit 2015 shorts sailor jeans sunglasses

Sailor with half sleeves

mariniere-short jeans

Denim shorts: a comfortable trend


Yves Saint Laurent small leather bag

woman look trend summer 2015 jeans shorts black blouse sunglasses leather bag yves saint-laurent

Stylish and casual look

woman look trend shorts jean shirt blue bag leather yves saint-laurent glasses

Modern and elegant look

fashion woman trend 2015 leopard bag t-shirt gray

Powdered pink goes well with denim

fashion woman trend vest pale pink jeans shorts bag leather

Black and denim: a classic always trendy

woman look trend 2015 jean top black lulu jewel

Long dress with graphic pattern

trend summer 2015 woman woman long dress retro trend orange hat orange shoes

Asos look: floral long dress

Trend summer 2015 woman asos long white dress

Short dress with original patterns and trendy sunglasses

Trendy summer 2015 woman dress short pattern design sunglasses

The hippie look: dress and long hair

Trendy summer 2015 woman dress long look hippie long dress trend

The soft and clear colors are ideal for a light and romantic look

Trend summer 2015 woman look asos trend

Typical hippie look from the 70s

trendy women fashion jeans with converse sunglasses

woman summer look summer dress denim jacket

trend look 2015 woman shirt jean bag

trendy look woman jean marinière bag red leather modern

woman look trend summer 2015 outfit denim jacket pants white marinière

Romwe platform sandals, Forever 21 dress and Show Pony hat

look woman trend 2015 blue dress shoes summer trend woman bag

Dresses and jumpsuits printed with floral motifs

women's combi-short floral pattern trendy jewel sunglasses

trendy look summer 2015 woman outfit jumpsuit floral pattern yumi kim liz vivaluxury annabelle

woman look modern dress floral pattern design weitzman asos

High waist skirts with floral pattern, one-colored and others

held-woman-skirt-size high-oasap modacapital

Elegant retro look

woman skirt high waist trend fashion oasap t shirt zara

Design Lab Floral Skirt

woman look trend skirt floral pattern black hat bag leather t-shirt white

woman outfit modern asos sheinside shorts asos sandals asos

woman look trend top leather sunglasses bag

skirt woman original floral pattern top black jewel sunglasses

Mustard color

woman trendy outfit sunglasses dress yellow mustard color leather backpack

woman fashion summer idea dress yellow belt design armani

woman look pattern floral sunglasses shorts patterned yellow blouse

woman look stylish idea dress mustard sunglasses leather bag idea vivaluxury

Skirts and long dresses

skirt woman idea look trend long sunglasses

woman summer fashion idea skirt

woman look summer idea long dress white sunglasses trend idea

woman trendy look sunglasses pink skirt long striped t-shirt

idea look woman trend dress pink t-shirt lace white sunglasses

woman summer look trend sunglasses blue skirt

woman summer trend fashion bag leather pumps sunglasses coachwalkinwonderland

woman look trend black dress trend bag leather shoes

evening dress summer idea

idea woman look summer long black dress trend

The white dress: short, semi-long or long

white dress long woman summer look trend idea

woman look modern trend bag leather sunglasses belt leather idea

woman outfit trend shirt stripes modern white hat

woman summer 2015 look modern sandals sunglasses

woman trendy look sunglasses leather bag fashion pumps

woman look dress lace sunglasses

woman holding sexy summer dress white lace flowers blue pumps

woman look summer trend bag leather modern white lace

woman trendy look sunglasses modern prada leather bag

Woman Look Modern Jacket Leather Dress White Pumps

summer dress backless woman leather bag

look woman trend white dress summer

woman summer dress lace fashionable woman fashion pumps


woman sundress blue stripes sunglasses prada bag pink trend

woman look trend summer 2015 idea chicwish bag frontrowshop

trendy woman look dress clothes modern summer zara

trend summer 2015 woman woman look trend stripes leather bag sunglasses white jacket

look woman trend 2015 bag leather marinière sunglasses

trend summer 2015 woman woman look trend summer dress hat bag red leather

trend summer 2015 woman woman look trendy sunglasses plaid skirt red leather bag

trend summer 2015 woman woman look modern sailor shorts white t-shirt marinière

woman dress modern white chicwish design

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