Wood extension: all you need to know

beautiful extension all in wood

The wood extension is a great idea if you need extra space in your home. Easy to install, it can play several roles.

Beautiful wood extension that contrasts with the brick

wood bricks contrast

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Our article today looks at the wood frame house extension. There are plenty of ideas to implement your extension as well as rules to know before starting your project.

Superb extension that uses railway sleepers

library extension wood through railway

Whether it's a new room, a veranda, an extension of the living space or a new room in its own right, the extension can easily solve all your space problems. .

Extension in dissonance with the house for a contrasting effect

contrast walls brick and black wood

Just imagine, an extra bedroom, a larger living room that extends into a veranda, a home office or even a playroom ... The wood extension gives you all these possibilities.

Small wooden house extension matching the garage cladding

cottage-with-small-extension-COATED woods

This is the difference between the classic verandah and the extension: the first does not lend itself to all these functions while the second can assume the role you want to give it.

Ideal for optimizing space, the following extension serves as a full entrance

extension to the entrance more space

The most common option is that of a room adjoining your house. The process is as follows: a new space is attached to the existing building and then integrated into it through an opening.

The wood frame extension can play many roles

wood frame extension during work

You also have the possibility to build in height. The choice of wood is particularly important in this case since it weighs much less than a concrete structure.

This extension includes both a kitchen and a large terrace design

extension with large wooden terrace

Whether upstairs or on the same level as the existing building, your wood extension can blend in with the decor as well as form a visual contrast.

Superb wood extension at the back of a brick house

extension wood back house ultra contemporary-

In the case of contrast, use materials that create a visual dissonance that will undoubtedly give character to your home. Brick and stone seem to contrast beautifully with wood.

New room overlooking a garden terrace

wood extension opens onto garden terrace

Whatever your choice, the wood extension has several advantages, not only in the added value if you plan to sell, but also in the aesthetic and practical everyday.

Extension wood very design and original

extension ultra modern wood contrast

An extension, surely, will change the appearance of your home but do not forget the arrangement with the interior, organization and traffic. Custom designed, a wooden house extension is the smart choice to make.

This extension transforms the plan of the house which becomes L

modern wood extension

If you are considering an adjoining room at home, consider the appearance of the roof of your extension. Will it blend with the existing building? Will it be flat or two-sided? Will you integrate a roof window?

Minimalistic design that resembles the frame of a greenhouse

minimalist extension is akin to a greenhouse

In terms of style, what will you choose? It all depends, of course, on the style of the existing building. Is it a contemporary, country house, minimalist, rustic? Is it the contrast you are looking for or a fluid result?

Interesting contrast in this house in East London

modern extension in london

You can, of course, mix styles. A traditional house can be extended into an ultra-modern wood extension that will be attached to the existing building; therefore, it is possible to incorporate some traditional elements to avoid a change of scenery.

Family house with extension of the living space on the terrace

wood pan extension

The advantages of wood are numerous. As mentioned above, it is lighter than any other material, such as concrete, which facilitates construction when extending at height.

An extension can also be elevated to gain additional space underneath

extension raised terrace space

Beyond the weight, wood is a material that is not only insulating but also environmentally friendly and renewable - two features that are increasingly crucial today.

House extension in oak wood

extension veranda oak frame

In terms of construction, the construction of a wood extension can be done with speed and simplicity. If you are a fan of recycling, why not reuse wood from another structure?

An ideal veranda to bask on sunny days

extension veranda traditional style

An interesting idea, illustrated in images above, proposes to use railway ties to build an extension. Ingenious, can not you find?

Extension of wooden house with terrace

yorkshire cottage with wood extension

This coating is interesting for an original and rustic look, but how will you proceed with the interior layout of your home extension? Of course, this one depends on the function of your new room.

Wood extension where the form is born of the function *

superb ultra modern wood extension melbourne

We talked about it, everything is possible in terms of functions but still think of electrical work and plumbing if you plan to implement a kitchen or bathroom.

Extension wood that extends into terrace and garden

superb geometric design extension

Beyond the practical aspects, the choice of decoration only belongs to you. Most of the time, the extension is built on a sunny facade that reinforces, in some cases, this idea of ​​veranda. So think of natural light. How are you filtering sunlight? How can you arrange the space to make the most of this natural light? How do you envisage using your future room? Questions that must be asked before starting the project.

Extension in height, overlooking the kitchen opening onto a garden

superb vertical extension

To summarize, a home extension is an ideal choice to optimize its space or increase the resale price, if these are your intentions. In particular, wood for extension is the material of choice for sustainable design enthusiasts. You can also combine this ecological choice with a renewable energy system for a new piece as practical as equipped.

Oak frame for a rustic look ideal in the countryside

oak frame extension

* FMD Architects .

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