Wood terrace: ideas for terraces and summer lounges

feminine decoration wooden terrace

Spring is here. The sun invites us to go out in the open air and prepare our barbecues , parasols and hammocks . Do you dream of relaxation accompanied by the colors and smells of nature?

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Do you want to make the most of the beautiful summer evenings with your friends? What's better than a garden or terrace for that? In today's article we will talk about the terrace and more specifically the wooden terrace, which invites nature to your home and that adapts perfectly to all styles.

A DIY coffee table in a wooden terrace

coffee table wooden crates rustic wood terrace

For optimal comfort it is important to choose the furniture of your terrace. It is advisable to invest in the decoration of your terrace. If you want to give a feminine and fresh look to your terrace, you can decorate it with cushions of different sizes and colors. If you have room, you can place a vintage storage cabinet painted yellow or pink.

For optimal comfort it is important to choose the furniture of your terrace

beautiful terrace wood rug pink white

Why do not you put a large wooden dining table with a barbecue in the middle? If you want to rest surrounded by greenery, it is important to plant your favorite flowers and shrubs. You can even build a pergola wooden on your terrace. Think light! For a chic and romantic atmosphere, you have to decorate the terrace with candles or hanging lamps.

A terrace and a wooden coffee table

zoom terrace coffee table wood

Colors are important! If you want to give more warmth to your outdoor space, opt for warm colors: oranges, reds and yellows and their shades. If you like rustic style, you can decorate your wooden terrace with recycled furniture. You can use wooden pallets or wooden boxes for the creation of a coffee table for example. Whatever the style of your terrace, it is important that you like it. For this reason we have selected some photos. All you have to do is look at it and get inspired by it.

A design house and a modern terrace

modern terrace design house

View from above of a modern terrace

view high terrace

A modern terrace with wooden furniture

modern terrace furniture wood

A pergola and a barbecue

pergola barbecue terrace

Rattan furniture and a heavenly terrace

terrace rattan furniture

A modern look of a wooden deck

modern wood terrace

View from above of a wooden deck with metal furniture

view high terrace metal furniture

small terrace green plants

large wooden floor terrace

small balcony decoration flowers

metal garden lounge

night view terrace decoration candles

small cozy terrace

rustic style decoration small balcony

modern design terrace

modern terrace wood furniture comfortable

modern terrace pergola

large terrace modern night view

canape rattan terrace modern wood

beautiful terrace view chic

round coffee table metal glass terrace

beautiful view terrace

canapes orange modern terrace

beautiful view modern terrace

terrace stone natural wood view chimney

wood floor large terrace beautiful view

terrace light colors sea view

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