Wooden beams for a beautiful decor in rustic style

elegant living room wood beams

We are used to thinking that wooden beams are typical for barn ceilings or rustic French kitchens. But even if the use of wooden beams started well in these places, today they have become widely used in many other decorative styles.

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And there are so many reasons to decorate your home with wooden beams ! They can be used to support an old ceiling or simply to embellish the decor of a room and make it warmer. But no matter what purpose they serve, the wooden beams are perfect for creating a rustic interior.

Wooden beams for the living room decoration

wood beams deco living room elegant

Let's start with the kitchen, as it is perhaps the most common place to install wooden beams. Yes, the wooden beams are typical for the French country style, but they can also be used to complete a traditional decor. In a lighter shade, the wooden beams are also used in Scandinavian decoration. The high ceilings are often a hidden pleasure. In case you have high ceilings, accenting them with wooden beams is perhaps a very good idea. No matter if you use them to support the ceiling or not, you can be sure that they will catch the eye and become the centerpiece of the decoration.

Kitchen deco idea with wooden beams

wooden beams deco kitchen

Even the smallest spaces can benefit from the decoration with wooden beams. Open on the bright colors and smooth finishes that will create the illusion of a much larger space and catch the eye on the ceiling. In the bedroom, the wooden beams will create a more welcoming and warm atmosphere and give you the feeling of being inside a modern mountain chalet. And sometimes a simple set of exposed beams on the ceiling is not enough. Do not be afraid to connect each joint and space with a beam and the result will be impressive! Here are some interesting ideas:

Scandinavian style kitchen decor

wood beams design kitchen elegante

Elegant kitchen decoration with wooden beams

wooden beams decoration contemporary kitchen

Traditional kitchen decoration

wooden beams kitchen luxury

Living room decoration with wood and stone

deco living room modern beams

Traditional style kitchen decoration

wooden beams deco traditional kitchen

Modern style kitchen deco

wooden beams kitchen design

Bedroom decoration with ceiling beams

deco bedroom wooden beams

Elegant deco interior wood stone

interior deco modern wood beams

modern deco ceiling living room

deco wooden beams bedroom

bedroom decoration beams

bedroom ceiling decoration

interior deco elegant wooden beams

decoration dining room design

decoration dining room ceiling wood

stone wood living room decoration

decoration living room design wooden beams

decoration living room elegant beams

deco living room elegant wood ceiling

elegant modern living room deco

ceiling design dining room

deco wood beams elegant kitchen

wooden beams deco modern kitchen

wooden beams decoration living room

wooden beams decoration traditional living room

wooden beams deco dining room

wooden beams deco living room

wooden beams design living room

wooden beams ceiling living room

wooden beams deco kitchen dining room

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