Wooden beams in the kitchen: an authentic and warm decor


Even if wooden beams are typical elements of the rustic decor, they are actually very popular and very versatile which allows to adapt to each type of decor.

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The wooden beams have something to really give to all the decorative styles. Modern and contemporary interiors decorated with wooden beams are often seen and it is exactly the wooden beams that make these decorations warmer and more elegant.

Wooden beams in an industrial design kitchen

wood beams ultra modern kitchen

The kitchen is a very special space. On the one hand, the kitchen already has a very welcoming atmosphere as it is often part of the main living space in the interior. On the other hand, the kitchen can sometimes seem a little cold because of all the appliances and the neutral or white color palette used in the decoration. And that's where the wooden beams can help because they give the cooked warmth and genuine charm.

Contemporary kitchen decoration with ceiling wood beams

wood beams kitchen ultra modern design

The atmosphere is always warmer and more welcoming when the kitchen is decorated with wooden beams on the ceiling or walls. It does not matter if these beams contrast or merge with the decor, they make the room very cozy. If you decide to paint the beams in the same color as the ceiling or the walls, they will instantly blend with the decor but still they will always attract attention.

Spacious kitchen decoration idea

wooden beams spacious kitchen

Although some wooden beams have a traditional look, they are a great way to make the decor more casual and warm. They are generally very in harmony with the industrial style because they help to mitigate the coldness typical of this style. But regardless of the architectural and decorative style of your interior, the wooden beams always seem a very good idea. Here are some interesting examples:

Kitchen with original decor

wooden beams kitchen modern design

Deco of small kitchen with wooden beam

wooden beams kitchen deco interesting

Modern design kitchen with wooden beams

deco kitchen beam wood design

Rustic kitchen decoration idea

wooden beam kitchen deco original

Interesting decoration of kitchen ceiling with wooden beams

deco kitchen beam wood

Modern kitchen decorated with wood

deco kitchen design beams

deco kitchen idea beam wood

white minimalist kitchen deco

deco modern kitchen wood

contemporary deco wood beam kitchen

deco kitchen wooden beam

deco kitchen wood beams

modern rustic kitchen deco

decoration modern kitchen wood beam

idea deco modern kitchen wood beam

wooden beam kitchen island

wooden beam modern kitchen

wooden beam deco white kitchen

wooden beams white kitchen

wooden beams contemporary kitchen

wooden beams modern deco kitchen

wooden beams kitchen deco stone

wooden beams kitchen design

wooden beams kitchen idea

wooden beams kitchen central island

wooden beams modern kitchen

wooden beams traditional kitchen

wooden beams green vintage kitchen

wooden beams deco contemporary kitchen

black wood beams kitchen wood

beams bopis contemporary kitchen

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