Wooden bedroom wardrobe in 48 inspiring ideas

wardrobe adult bedroom suite parental deco

In terms of furniture for the bedroom, after choosing a modern bed and a comfortable mattress, it's time to think about the wardrobe . But choose a adult bedroom wardrobe that meets our needs and that, at the same time, corresponds to the decor of the room is not obvious.

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Wood is an impeccable choice for many designers when it comes to making furniture or decorating a room. Since antiquity, wood has been one of the most used materials for construction and handicrafts. That's why carpentry is a sphere that interests so many people. This is due to the popularity of wood products such as wood cabinets, for example. Most of the time, the wardrobes are made of wood, even after the appearance of some contemporary materials. What varies are the finishes and the colors.

Wardrobe adult room very original design by Pierre Cardin

original adult bedroom wardrobe Pierre Cardin

The first thing to do to choose the best adult bedroom wardrobe wooden is to take the measurements of the room where you intend to install the wardrobe to make sure she can adapt to it. If you have not chosen yet A model Taking measurements of the room will give you an idea of ​​the size of the cabinet you need. Once the space data is taken into account, you also need to determine the necessary budget, building materials and other items that may impact the cabinet. Think also of the means of storage inside the wardrobe.

Modern wardrobe for convenient storage by Poliform

wardrobe adult bedroom wood Poliforms

The different types of wood that can be used vary significantly in appearance, price, and durability, so you will need to do some research to find out what options are available. If, for example, you want a fairly durable cabinet but at a low price, you can opt for a pine cabinet. If your budget allows it and you are looking for something more elegant, do not hesitate to choose a teak, cedar, oak or mahogany cabinet. These woods are massive, very beautiful and in some cases resistant to water and insects.

Elegant storage cabinet in blue

blue adult bedroom wardrobe ESTEL GROUP

After choosing the wood, it is advisable to think about the features of the wooden cabinet. Some cabinets have simple designs with doors that open to empty space for hangers, while others may incorporate shelves, storage cabinets, hangers, or other organization systems. Choose the type of organization needed to accommodate your basic storage needs.

White wooden wardrobe by Pianca

white adult bedroom wardrobe PIANCA

Regarding the exterior appearance of the wooden cabinet, the options are again very numerous. You can choose a straight cabinet with simple lines or even a more complex corner cabinet. Depending on the decor of the room and the model of your bed, the wardrobe can be classic, contemporary, ultra modern, futuristic, vintage, minimalist or shabby chic of worn appearance. You can opt for classic doors or sliding doors, decorated, simple or mirrored. Here are some suggestions in pictures that can help you find the perfect cabinet for you:

Powder wood cupboard by Presotto Industrie Mobili

contemporary adult wardrobe Presotto Industrie Mobili

Interesting design cupboard by Pianca

wardrobe adult bedroom design elegant PIANCA

Wooden cabinets decorated with LED lights

wardrobe adult bedroom LED I Vassalletti

Large wooden wardrobe in white and silver by CorteZari

white adult bedroom wardrobe CorteZari

Minimalist design wood cabinet

minimalist design wardrobe Zalf

wardrobe bedroom adult clear The Origin Home Elegans

corner cabinet modern design

beige wood cabinet lacquered PIANCA

white wood cabinet design Presotto Industrie Mobili

Bizotto diamond white wood cabinet

Poliform white wood cabinet

cabinet wood design bedroom caroti

elegantly designed wood cabinet Carpanelli

modern wood cabinet Fimar

modern wood cabinet Gambella Design

modern wood wardrobe MisuraEmme

mirrored wood cabinet Fimar

corner adult bedroom wardrobe MOLTENi & C.

adult bedroom wardrobe white MOLTENI & C.

wardrobe adult bedroom wood MOLTENI & C.

wardrobe classic adult room Devina Nais

adult bedroom cabinet design wood Cantiero

wardrobe adult bedroom design Blur

wardrobe adult bedroom design MOLTENI & C.

elegant adult bedroom wardrobe Dall'Agnese

wardrobe adult bedroom elegant PIANCA

adult wardrobe mirror Gambella Design

Poliform modern bedroom wardrobe

wardrobe adult room clear shade PIANCA

original bedroom wardrobe Hülsta-Werke Hüls

wardrobe adult bedroom sliding doors Gambella Design

design bedroom cabinet Lema

traditional design wardrobe decorated with Gambella Design

contemporary design wardrobe beige SMA Mobili

contemporary design wardrobe EmmeBi

stylish design wardrobe Gambella Design

interesting design cabinet wood Caroti

interesting design cabinet MASCAGNI

minimalist design wardrobe Poliform

original design wardrobe Bizzotto

mirror cabinet SMA Mobili

Poliform sliding door wardrobes

wardrobe adult bedroom furniture wood

wardrobe bedroom adult cupboard furniture wood

wardrobe adult bedroom amenagement dressing wood

man wardrobe bedroom adult wood

adult bedroom wardrobe suspended Lago

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