Wooden cabin for unusual nights in the Dolomites

unusual nights mountain hut wood

Fans of original holidays can now spend unusual nights in this wooden cabin that is in the Dolomites. Located in northern Italy, near Gallina Pass, the small hotel room, with a very original look, invites nature lovers and unusual experiences to spend a night observing the beauty of the sky and landscapes majestic mountain.

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Wooden cabin for unusual nights in the mountains

Unusual nights Idea wood cabin hotel original

At a price of 300 euros per night, the Starlight Room includes a dinner worthy of a king and a 5-star restaurant, consisting of several dishes: puff pastry with vegetables and with mascarpone, pesto noodles, tomato confit garnished with pine nuts, a dish of artichoke and bacon ravioli, pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, potatoes and grilled vegetables, a cake with chocolate with vanilla sauce. All, accompanied by one (or more bottles of cabernet).

Original holidays and unusual nights in the Dolomites

hotel unusual wooden cabin ideas nights

Savoring this magnificent dinner, you can watch a movie or listen to music, controlling an entertainment system built into the cabin with your mobile phone. Not to mention the fact that you can also watch the extraordinary view from the windows! Below, even more images of Starlight Room, a unusual holiday destination and original:

Unusual holiday idea and wooden cabin and glass in the mountain

original holiday idea room hotel

Unusual nights in the mountains: wooden cabin and glass monderne

unusual nights ideas hotel rooms hut mountain

Original hotel in the mountains

photo hotel original holidays

Unusual hotel room for an original night in the open sky

night room hotel original unusual holiday

Photo of wooden hut in the mountain

hotel mountain unusual hut

Idea of ​​unusual holidays: the Starlight Room in the Dolomites

wooden cabins holidays original unusual ideas

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