Wooden Dining Table: 50 Ideas to Inspire

wooden dining table Bizzotto

Are you looking for a better dining table in wood ? Most people never really pay attention to the small details when they choose their furniture and find themselves, therefore, with furniture that can not serve them.

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We are also looking for a beautiful appearance to embellish the dining room. And yet, there are still many other factors to consider when choosing a wooden dining table. There is a great multitude of tables available on the contemporary market, but nothing can replace a beautiful solid wood table.

Wooden dining table by Bizzotto

contemporary wooden dining table Bizzotto

It is certain that the dinner table solid wood will cost you more than the plastic table or glass, but this investment is worth it. If you have already decided to buy a wooden table, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the size. Carefully measure the space available in your dining room. You can also chat with other members of your family to decide the exact location of this piece of furniture. If you also have other wooden furniture in your dining room, it will be better to choose a table made from the same wood as they to successfully decorate the room.

Elegant table with clean lines by Erik Jørgensen

contemporary wooden dining table Erik Jørgensen

Make sure the wood of the table you have chosen is kiln dried. This means that all the mold has been removed from the wood to make it as solid as possible. Wood staining should not be damaged or inconsistent. The table must be built with dovetails , ankles , glue and screws , or using other techniques quality construction. Also try pulling and pushing the wooden table to see if it is really solid. The lower part of the surface of the table must also be smoothed.

Elegant dining room table by Branca Lisboa

deco wooden dining table Branca Lisboa

The dining table you choose will fit your lifestyle. If you are an all-adult family, you can afford a more expensive and luxurious dining table. In case you have a lot of children, then choose a more durable piece. Check if the surface of the table will need to put coasters and dishes for example, if it has grooves where food can enter and if the table is expandable to accommodate several people. You must also choose chairs that fit with the style of the table and that go below.

Round shaped wooden table by Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft wooden dining table

If your interior is decorated in a modern style, then the dining table in walnut or maple wood is a perfect choice. You can also lacquer the wood by giving several different aspects to your table and make it, in this way, even more glamorous. If you have a small family, then a round dining table will be perfect for you. But in case you organize large family meals, you should instead opt for a rectangular dining table. Here are some ideas of wooden dining tables of modern design.

Design light wood table

dining table in light wood

Minimalist design dining table by Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft modern wooden dining table

Design table in wood and steel by Miniforms

Miniforms steel wood dining table

Modern design table by Ozzio Design

modern dining table Ozzio Design

Contemporary style dining table by Hülsta Werke Hüls

solid wood dining table Hülsta Werke Hüls

Original cherry wood design table by Carpanelli Classic

cherry wood dining table Carpanelli Classic

Classic wooden dining table by Modense Gastone Group

design wood dining table Modenese Gastone group

Dining room decoration with table by Martini Mobili

Martini Mobili wood dining table

Elegant dark wood dining table

modern wood dining table

Dining table of interesting design

interesting design dining table

Contemporary dining table by Meridiani

contemporary dining table Meridiani

Elegant dining table by Modense Gastone Group

elegant design dining table Modenese Gastone group

Contemporary dining table by H Furniture

designer dining table H Furniture

Rustic wooden dining table model

rustic design dining room table

elegant dining table Carpanelli Classic

Team by Wellis elegant dining table

Team by Wellis wooden dining table

extensible dining table RIFLESSI

extending dining table SELVA

Luxurious dining table Gotha Luxury Italian Style

rectangular dining table Branca Lisboa

round dining table design BRABBU

round dining table ROCHE BOBOIS

dining table round design Ethnicraft

rustic dining table Sika Design

rustic light wood design table

Original design wood table Mantellassi 1926

design wood table Selva

dark wood dining room table

modern solid wood table CADORIN GROUP

modern dining room wood table

original dining table holz elf

contemporary design table Koleksiyon

wood table eat lacquer

interesting caroti wood design table

original wood design table Jatra Design

elegant wood table Modenese Gastone group

extensible elegant table F.lli Orsenigo

elegant dining room wood table

modern dining table Ozzio Design

Walnut wood oval table Martini Mobili

white dining table Ozzio Design

Eco & co wood dining table

modern dining table SELVA

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