Wooden fence: 6 different beautiful ornaments

fence wood delimit property

A wooden fence is especially to limit a property. The choice of material, shape and height depends on its main purpose. Once made and installed, it becomes a decorative element of the garden or the house.

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A fenced wooden can be installed quickly, but it requires much more care. Wood being a temporal material, is generally used for the manufacture of fences that do not require special protection by the properties, but can serve as a support wall for ornamental climbing plants or protection against the wind.

A ranch type wooden fence

fence type ranch

For hardwood garden fences in the form of planks, shingles and beams type ranch . The best materials for a wooden fence are larch, cedar. It does not provide reliable protection of the garden. It can be combined with a wire mesh, which increases its protective function. The thick wooden fence with maximum height is very effective in reducing noise in the garden . The best protection against the wind is a fence of vertical planks with small distances between them (1-2 cm).

A wooden fence made with planks

wood fence made planks

Such a structure "kills" the wind. It is best to paint the boards in colors close to the natural color of the wood. All fences are carried by vertical posts with wooden posts. Making use of strong beams. To extend the life of the wooden fence, you can use columns of other materials (stone, brick, concrete). Such a wall is called combination. In both cases, the distance between the pillars is filled with wooden boards or panels (tracks) in decorative form. There are many ways to build a fenced in wood. The firm offers a variety of options. The most important is the choice to find the successful combination of functionality and aesthetics.

A high fence for good protection

high fence good protection

A low wooden fence with a small space between the planks

fencing low wood small space between boards

A tall wooden fence in its natural color

fencing high wood natural color

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