Wooden floor deco: 25 floor painting ideas

decoration ideas parquet wood paint white

Want to give a new look to your wooden floor or stair? So try this interesting method of wood floor deco with floor paint! Floor painting is an original and simple way to give your old floor or wooden staircase a new life. Today, we offer 25 different ideas for such a decoration.

Kitchen wood floor deco with white paint

interior decoration parquet flooring

Wooden floors have a characteristic appearance that is highly appreciated by many homeowners. If you have decided to keep your old wooden floor covering, you have the opportunity to paint it to renovate it or simply to vary the look of the parquet in the different rooms of your residence. This technique offers you two possibilities: one is to cover the entire floor in one color, the other - to add one or more shades.

Deco parquet wood in black and white

to paint his black and white parquet

If you choose the second option, you have the freedom to create custom decorations for the flooring of your indoor or outdoor floor. Do you like kitchens with checkerboard black and white tiles? So why not make your own interpretation and paint the floor in this room in these two colors, as in the picture above?

Deco parquet wood: idea of ​​painting with stencil for the outside by Wall To Wall Stencils

idea deco parquet and carpet stencils wood

If you have a handyman's spirit, dare an even more complex decoration by adorning your floor with a real carpet, to paint on the wooden floor. It's up to you to choose the motifs: geometrical, inspired by nature or floral, anything is possible! To simplify your task and obtain identical figures, familiarize yourself with the technique of painting with stencil which is ideal for the occasion. Here are more examples of original wooden floors:

Deco parquet wood and paint with stencil

wood parquet deco paint stencils

Wooden floor deco with painted carpet with stencil

pictures of deco parquet wood stencil carpet

Custom flooring and wood parquet paint

kitchen flooring parquet paint wood parquet

Outdoor painted wooden deck floor with stencil

wood floor paint stencils

Deco wood parquet complex

deco parquet wood renovation staircase

Idea renovation of wooden flooring

renovation wooden floor

idea deco floor wood painting stencil

stencils carpet deco parquet

renovation house parquet floor wood

original parquet flooring

wood floor parquet paint

stencils carpet floor parquet

renovate the wooden floor

ideas wood flooring

wood flooring floor photos

old parquet floor decoration ideas

cheap wood floor renovation

wooden floor room decoration

stencil painting soil

deco parquet wood painting ideas board

deco parquet wood floor original

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