Wooden garden driveway: aesthetic and easy to do

garden alley wood washer

Today we offer tips to create a wooden garden driveway . Because every garden small or tall needs a passage or several in the middle of the garden.

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Especially if a shortcut crosses your lawn, and sometimes we take it. And surely you want to avoid a rough path is traced. You do not need to start big jobs to have your wooden garden path.

A beautiful garden path with wooden washers

aesthetic wooden garden alley

No need to pour concrete in the middle of the greenery. You can buy wood at specialty stores or you can make these wooden steps yourself. The appropriate wood for this must be 3-4 cm minimum width. If you use stone then you will have a way forever, while the wooden steps can be easily removed and so the original appearance of the lawn can be restored quickly.

The raw material for the project of garden path

garden alley tree trunk

At the same time aesthetic, economic and easy to set up, a wooden garden path blends into the decor allowing a passage on a lawn, in a kitchen garden or inside a flowery space. If you want to facilitate the passage of the mower then incorporate it into the ground. The steps to follow in this project are not very difficult tasks to accomplish. On the contrary, they will be a source of joy for you!

Wood and stones is also a good formula

garden alley trunk

1. Put the wood on the lawn and cut the lawn with a knife. 2. Then remove the grass from the site with a shovel. Then dig the soil at least 2.5 cm deep. 3. Fill half the depth of the area with sand in a compact manner. This will ensure drainage.

A garden path made with planks in the middle of the greenery

garden alley wood boards

4. Place the pieces of wood in the previously selected places and then press well. And try to place the wooden steps in an attractive way. The selected photos show finished projects. Yes, they are garden paths with wood, in different shapes and structures. The key is to be able to choose between these proposed examples.

A rustic but aesthetic garden passage

wooden passageway

The wood of the driveway surrounds part of the water garden

wooden alley aquatic garden

Wood and stones in harmony to offer an original garden path

garden alley wood rustic decoration

Solid wood used for this alley project

garden alley solid wood

A path in the form of a small bridge or wooden passage

allee passage bridge garden

Solid wood steps surrounded by stones and pebbles

rustic wood garden path

A wooden driveway raised from the ground surface between trees and shrubs

allee path passage of garden

A high passage in a spacious garden

wood passage high school

a wooden walkway in the middle of the forest

wood passage forest garden

An aesthetic and modern passage runs along the garden

wooden garden passage

Wood in different colors enhance the appearance of the driveway

garden alley wood boards different

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