Wooden garden fence: 80 ideas to make a good choice

light wooden garden fence-decoration-exterior-modern-design

Looking for a wooden garden fence ? Discover 80 ideas to make your choice with this big file dedicated to the types of fences for outdoor. Today, we offer a selection of images on the theme fences, palisades and breezes for the outdoor wooden space.

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Find below our ideas and tips for decorating your garden or protecting your privacy.

Wooden garden fence for intimacy in the city

wooden garden fence ideas palisade for city

The wooden garden fence is an aesthetic way to delimit the space of a garden in residential area or in town. Used for hundreds of years to indicate the limits of outdoor spaces, it is a kind of fence made of natural materials.

Garden fence in white painted wood

ideas deco garden fence wood picket

By choosing this type of garden fence, you will therefore make a responsible and respectable investment for nature. At the same time, this type of fence can very well be accompanied by decorative elements in other materials, such as stone, wrought iron or bricks.

Wooden garden fence for modern design house

vertical modern wooden garden fence house

Among the advantages of the garden fence are the wide selection of type of wood, shapes and decorations available. These three elements make wooden garden fences suitable for outdoor spaces in different styles. In fact, one can use a wooden fence for gardens of traditional or modern design, for the decoration of a Zen garden and for that of a courtyard with grass or with gravel .

Vintage style wood garden fence idea

Garden fence with wooden ideas

In addition, many wooden fences that you will find in our gallery can be used to frame a terrace or to delimit a space inside a garden. They are easy to maintain and require only a few strokes to get their fresh air.

Garden fences, palisades and breezes in wood - the different models available on the market today

wooden garden fence terracing-climbing-plants-outdoor

These are the essential features of the garden fence made of wood. Now, let's look at some of the different types of garden fences, fences and wood-chip screens that exist on the market today.

Wooden garden fence: idea in modern style

horizontal palisade modern design wooden garden fence

We start with the wooden picket fence. This one offers a nice appearance for the outside of your home. It is easy to recognize by its beautiful vertical planks. Used most often for outdoor spaces that overlook a street or an alley, this wooden palisade is mostly decorative. It can be painted in various shades depending on the facade of the house or the decoration of the garden.

Wooden garden fences: idea with braided wood

wooden garden fence braids

This wooden fence can be used to mark the outlines of a garden. It is also an effective means of protection for children and large pets. Thanks to this fence, they are kept in a limited space, away from traffic on the street, for example.

Pretty fence garden picket in white

fence garden picket boards white

However, picket fences are not a good choice for homeowners who want more privacy. Although they can be decorated with flowers or shrubs on several levels to keep the inside of a garden out of sight, these fences can not guarantee complete privacy throughout the year.

Fence and breeze view of garden type panel: pretty idea with wood and bamboo

wooden garden fence bamboo woven palisade

In the second place, come wooden garden fences type solid panels. These garden panels are an excellent choice for those who wish to protect their outdoor space from neighbors' looks. Several types of solid panels can be found in outdoor furniture manufacturers, such as the Italian designer garden furniture company unopiu , for example.

Garden view breeze with wooden panels

fences wood garden panels

Garden fences type solid wood panels are usually of great height. It can reach up to 1.8 meters, which means they can be used to keep children and pets in a secure space.

Wooden fence for traditional garden

traditional shaped wooden garden fence

These wooden panels are used not only for home gardens in residential areas, but also for small courtyards in town. In this case, they offer possibilities to frame terraces and small garden lounges. Many people think that by choosing a wooden garden fence of this kind, they will feel trapped by a kind of big wall.

Modern wooden view breeze sign for city terrace

deco outdoor palisade wood gardens

But, in reality, wooden garden panels offer many possibilities of decoration with green plants. You can find examples of this type of garden decor on the pictures in our gallery.

Garden fences and wooden palisade with modern look

wood palisade garden terrace modern fences

Good to know: high quality wooden garden panels can be expensive. That's why we advise you to compare the prices of different traders well before buying a wooden fence of this kind.

Wood fence solutions and high fences

wooden garden fence cedar-boards-bench-led-lighting

Finally, for garden and terrace owners who are looking for a high garden fence, but do not like solid panels, there is also the choice of a braided fence or a breeze. This type of wooden fencing offers some of the benefits of solid wood panels.

Idea of ​​wooden fences for Zen gardens

types of zen wood garden fence

Thus, for example, it allows to frame a space dedicated to children's games and create, in this way, a secure area.

Basin of water and idea of ​​garden fences for Zen design garden

fence ideas wooden modern gardens

The palisades and breezes seen in wood are also an aesthetic solution for small gardens in town, as they can be decorated with climbing plants and provide a nice decor for a terrace.

What materials for a modern and durable wooden garden fence?

garden fence wooden gate-outdoor-deco-nature-ideas

You may not know it, but a wooden garden fence is exposed to many natural attacks. Insects, temperature changes, sun, rain and snow ... all of which affect the appearance and durability of your outdoor fence. To enjoy a fence, fence or breeze, you have two options. One is treating wood with chemicals; the other - to invest in products made of naturally resistant wood.

Wooden Garden Palisade for Modern Outdoor

palisade gardens modern wood fences

The choice of one of these two options will depend essentially on your wishes and your budget. As we know, chemicals can have negative effects on the environment in your garden. Try to limit the use of this type of products especially in areas of a vegetable garden.

Wooden fences with panel for a nice garden

garden panels tresses fence

The panels, fences and fences of naturally resistant wood, meanwhile, require a larger investment. This is because these types of wood are generally from regions outside Europe. At the price of their natural properties is added that of their production and transport.

Wooden palisade for modern garden decoration

fences breeze view palisades garden modern houses

If, despite these disadvantages, you have decided to opt for a naturally resistant wood garden fence, here are 5 species of wood of this category.

Deco idea terrace with garden fence in natural wood and resistant to climatic conditions

fence garden panel terraces wood

Among the naturally most resistant species of wood currently used are: black locust, teak, ipe, yew sequoia and bald cypress (or cipre). These types of wood are all suitable for the manufacture of various structures and accessories for the outdoors. It is used in particular for making deckings, furniture, planters and garden and terrace fences.

White wooden garden fence and decoration idea

color fence wood palisade bricks idea painting

Good to know: The key factors that affect the durability and strength of wooden garden fences are the sun's rays and humidity. The effects of these factors can be reduced with specific paint and lacquer; these are essential for types of wood that do not benefit from natural protection.

What are the factors that affect the strength of my wooden garden fence?

fences wood gardens screen white

Other important factors that can affect the strength of your fence, fence or breeze are the direct contact with the ground, climbing plants and certain species of mushrooms.

Wooden garden fence, palisade and screening made of natural materials - ideas in pictures!

wooden fence fence palisade-modern-landscaping-exterior

Have you ever decided which palisade do you prefer? We invite you to discover all types of wooden garden fences in the gallery below!

Pretty traditional house with wooden garden fence

wooden garden fence traditional house idea

White garden fence

garden fence wooden ideas

Blue fence pattern

blue wooden garden fence idea

Wooden fence

outdoor wooden garden fence idea

Wooden fence fence idea

fencing wood fence idea garden landscaping

Idea for modern style garden fences

modern design wooden garden fence

Wood palisade for garden landscaping

vertical fences garden wood planks

Garden decoration idea with fence wooden stake

fences wood gardens picket deco flowers

Garden decoration with wooden peg painted in white

wood fences stakes garden

Garden fence with wood panels

vertical garden fencing wooden panels

Wooden garden fence and braided panel for outdoor decoration

wooden fencing panels garden braids

Small garden and wooden fence

fences wood gardens palisade small spaces

Outdoor landscaping idea with decorative palisade

fencing garden palisades decorative wood

Garden fence with natural colored wood

fences garden palisade wood ideas colors

Wooden garden edge for quiet terrace

fencing garden intimite wooden fences

Wooden fence for small garden furniture

fences palisades wood small garden lounges

Wooden garden fence: palisade idea with nice decoration

idea fence wood palisades garden stones

black fence folding screen garden wood

gardens natural woods ideas deco breezes view

palisade wood natural partition

fence and partition wood garden looks

pretty fencing panels folding screen garden wood

pretty garden partition wooden palisade

pretty garden deco flowers palisades

painting ideas wood garden clo

fence privacy garden ideas palisades woods small spaces

Ideas Palisade Braided Houses Screen Garden

ideas privacy panels terraces breezes views

deco idea gardens zen wood palisades

fences wood close gardens breezes views garden

ideas decor garden folding screen wood

deco ideas and landscaping wood panels

fencing landscaping woods ideas deco garden

fencing gardens home landscaping outdoor palisades

painting garden fences outdoor deco wood

landscaping garden idea breezes view wood terraces

outdoor fence gardens breezes view ideas woods

bamboo fencing garden layout

boards wood idea garden landscaping

close partition small gardens design wooden fences

design fence gardens woods stones

design gardens breeze view wood and straw

fences wood gardens zen breeze view design

fences design wood palisade brick garden

fences garden decoration bamboo wood

design exterior wood decoration garden terrace breeze view

colors fences gardens dark woods

exterior design fencing gardens light wood

idea landscaping and fences of white garden

fencing wood deco garden and yard

fences wood landscaping breezes view terrace

garden breezes views wood small yard palisade

fence garden design terrace breeze view wood

deco garden stone fences wood

white fences wood exterior design

white wood palisade gardens

exterior design garden fencing bamboo

palisades wood doors outdoor fencing

gardens deco stones woods breeze view

pretty gardens terrace decoration breezes modern view

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