Wooden kitchen - a craft vision made by Valcucine

kitchen not only beautiful closets very practical

If we tell you " wooden kitchen "What do you imagine? If that does not mean anything to you, look at this superb example designed by Valcucine .

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The company has a specific style and it translates into its desire to preserve the old craft art and reproduce it with design works like this kitchen, called SineTempore Inlay. It was entirely conceived in this logic because almost all the pieces are made by hand . The types of wood used and the nuances are not the same, which adds authenticity to this wooden kitchen.

A unique wooden kitchen by its design

handcrafted wooden kitchen single vision home interior

And if all this can not persuade you, the designers have added small patterns that make this design even more impressive - these are small Indian-inspired designs, embedded in the edges of the closets . It is the product of the best Italian wood masters. If you like this type of work, you will be really impressed by this unique design. But SineTempore Inlay is not only a craft, but also a very practical design and functional .

The specific drawings you will see on the cupboards

specific drawings that you will see wood cooking the cupboards

If you think that you will get as a result a wooden kitchen of the XVII century, it will not be the case at all. The designer Gabriele Centazzo marries the old and the new without any problem by combining the craft elements with the modern industrial style. It's a beautiful mix of two completely different worlds. Still a good news, especially for the eco-friendly - the kitchen is 100% recyclable and recycled, at the same time, because all the cupboards are made from recovered and reused material. A thought for design, but also for sustainable development and ecology! What better?

There is enough space, the kitchen is really created for a family atmosphere

a lot of kitchen space really create family atmosphere

Another small overview of the details

Still woods craftsmen's designs small preview details

The cupboards are large and practical

wood kitchen cupboards are large and practical clear

The design creates a space large enough even to play

wooden kitchen design creates space large enough even to play

Modern ovens fit perfectly with classic design

modern ovens register perfectly design classic kitchen wood

The large table in the middle contributes to the traditional atmosphere

large kitchen table middle contribute to the traditional atmosphere

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