Wooden pallet in 21 creative and original ideas

wooden pallet idea original wooden frame modern recycling

DIY is always a good idea. This saves money, reuses old materials and gives them a second life. You have the free choice to choose the design and the colors.

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Finally, you get a very satisfying result that matches your needs and desires. It does not matter if you are a big handyman or not, the wooden pallets are very trendy and very easy to handle. You do not need very great skills to do a little table low, a sofa, an armchair, a coat rack, a chair, a frame ... And all this with one or a few wooden pallets! Discover our twenty DIY ideas wooden pallet .

Wooden pallet in a sofa

wooden pallet DIY sofa recycling original idea

You have many tutorials online that can guide you in your DIY adventure. Elegant and very easy to tinker, pallet furniture does not require much investment. Their practical form will allow you to turn them into bed, bench , in sofa, in table small or big, in frame, in coat rack. In short, you can do everything you need. A little creativity and time are enough to arrive at a satisfactory result. You can keep the pallets in their raw state or you can color them to give them a personal touch.

Wooden pallet transformed into a table

wooden pallet table DIY design cheap wooden table living room

White wooden pallet turned to a corner sofa

sofa room child wooden pallet white idea recycling DIY original

Sofa made of wooden pallets

wooden pallet sofa diy living room idea functional easy cheap cushions

Red garden lounge chair

chaise longue red pallet idea garden garden furniture in pallet wooden garden table

Pallet transformed to a cat bed

pallet recycling idea cat bed

pallet wooden cat bed recycling idea original object of pallets

A very practical idea

teen room idea furniture contemporary pallets storage shelves very practical

Hammock chair in wooden pallets

pallet chair garden hammock cheap diy wood

Pallet shoe storage: practical and simple

shoe storage idea pallets wood DIY recycling

Decoration idea with a palette

deco palette idea living room original cheap frame in pallets

Pallet staircase


A pallet sofa very easy to tinker

sofa pallets idea DIY easy recycling pallet idea original cushions living room furniture cheap

A table low in pallet and on casters

coffee table in pallets black garden chair cheap garden furniture

table pallets kitchen lamp hanging chair in white metal

idea recycling pallet lamp idea original lamp hanging in pallets original idea

idea diy flower pot metal chair idea recycling pallet

wooden pallet table deco flowerpot sofa beige cushions

white wood living room table pallet gray sofa cushions floral deco patterns

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