Wooden staircase designed by Archmongers playful and modern appearance

This wooden staircase, designed by the Archmongers team, provides us with the proof that even practical objects can be transformed into artistic works. Archmongers is a group of architects and designers founded by Margaret Bursa and Johan Hybschmann and based in England and Wales.

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In their projects, members of this team seek to achieve a balance between beauty and functionality. This wooden staircase is very much an illustration of their aspirations.

Wooden and steel staircase by Archmongers

photo design wooden staircase

Made from 100 pieces of birch wood and steel rods, the design staircase looks like a compact puzzle and very original. It is housed in a London house, the Clock House, in the Finsbury Park neighborhood. The wooden staircase aims to lead to a terrace that is on the roof of the building.

A staircase wood Clock House compact house signed Archmongers connects two levels of its interior space

home deco wooden stairs

Thanks to its original design, this model of staircase is a beautiful solution of space saving. Its compact steps are inspired by puzzles and assemble easily. A small guard is installed next to facilitate and secure traffic. Made of steel, it harmonizes easily with natural-colored steps. Small wooden beads partially painted in red give a final touch to the staircase. In a bright and fun color, they seem like drawn from a children's building game.

Photo of the original wooden staircase and steel with small guard

deco wood staircase design

Despite the large number of pieces of which it is composed, the staircase was made in one day! What do you think of this playful and artistic design object?

Wooden decorative object and original staircase with keys of red color

steel staircase contemporary decor object wood

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