Yellow color: to shine the interiors!

yellow curtains view

The yellow, the joyous color, the color of the sun, the warm and stimulating color, associated with the richness. Even though the yellow color is considered the least favorite color of the French , invite the sun to your home.

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Get inspired by 7 apartments dressed with yellow accents, and you will not see this anymore color in the same way.

A modern apartment with yellow curtains

modern yellow curtains apartment

The yellow color combines perfectly with gray, white, or light blue. You can paint your walls in yellow, but if it's a little too daring to your taste, opt for accessories of this joyful color. You can choose decorative cushions, vases or even an interior staircase in yellow.

Yellow curtains

zoom yellow curtains

For a warm and convenient look, you can decorate your room with pale colors and put just one or two yellow accents. You can choose a sofa in yellow, in a minimalist living room. A good way to feel full of energy after a long day of work is to dress one of your walls with yellow wallpaper.

A lounge in white and a sofa in yellow

white living room yellow sofa

In a dark apartment, the yellow sofa will give a more modern look. Why not install a yellow hanging lamp in the middle of the living room? It will give the impression of a small sun that radiates your room. It is a color that inspires optimism, promotes conviviality, creativity, stimulates good mood and concentration.

A modern yellow sofa

modern yellow sofa

But be careful! The yellow color is a very energizing color. If you want to relax it is better to choose green or blue tones because yellow is a very dynamic color. Indulge yourself and decorate your home with yellow accents that harmonize with other colors.

A design chair in yellow

yellow design chair view

A small yellow cushion

small yellow cushion zoom

A large bed and a view of a bouquet of roses

zoom large bed view bouquet roses

A bookshelf and a view of a yellow book

zoom bookshelf yellow book view

A decoration with a yellow cushion

zoom decoration yellow cushion

A view of a modern kitchen

modern kitchen zoom

A zoom of a yellow accent and a bed

zoom yellow accent bed

A black wall and a sofa in yellow

black wall view

A mirror and a chair in a modern apartment

mirror view chair

view high bed big cushion yellow

bedroom view yellow accents

yellow canape round view

gray sofa view

modern furniture dining table

modern living room original decoration

living room design yellow sofa

yellow accent design lounge

bright living room accents yellow color

dining room clear yellow accents

modern minimalist bath room

bathroom sink yellow view bedroom view

gray wall big bed cushions yellow

yellow hanging lamp

big black bed yellow cushion

modern kitchen chic design

minimalist white kitchen

modern minimalist room

spacious modern bedroom accent yellow

dark bedroom accent yellow

bedroom teen accent yellow

modern apartment yellow coffee table

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