Zen bathroom decoration for optimal relaxation

decoration bathroom interior design zen

Have you ever been in a bathroom that makes you want to close your eyes and relax? If you have a hectic lifestyle, then you definitely need a bathroom decoration which allows you to relax, take care of yourself, change your mind and recover your energy.
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The decoration bathroom Zen will offer you all this and in this article we will share with you ideas and tips how to create a modern Zen bathroom.

Zen modern bathroom decoration

bathroom decoration zen idea

The Zen bathroom decor can be traditional and inspired by the Orient, but you can also opt for a more minimalist and contemporary style. Why not choose even a more elegant version with a modern twist. But no matter which Zen style you prefer, do not forget to create a natural atmosphere, calm and not pretentious: these are the three basic features of the Zen bathroom.

Zen bathroom decoration with plant

decoration bathroom interior Zen style

The zen decor is perfect for you if you have a spacious or medium sized bathroom, if you like earthy colors, airy and minimalist spaces and natural light. No matter if you prefer retro decor or minimalist style, know that all styles can match the Zen style. It is still very important to be able to incorporate wood in the decor of your bathroom. A wooden bathtub, no matter the model, will help you give the room a natural and warm look. And in case your budget would allow you, the recessed bathtub on a wooden platform is a great idea. You can also opt for a sink or a wooden shelf if you can not afford to redecorate your bathroom.

Zen bathroom decoration with original bathtub

decoration bathroom toilet ambiance zen

The Zen bathroom is a kingdom of joy of simple things and solitude that allows you to change your mind. Your bathroom must bring about a sense of harmony and simplicity in the same way that the Japanese garden does. The first step towards the Zen bathroom is to remove any overload in the decoration. Do not clutter your shelves and try to organize the space well. When it comes to windows, rattan, bamboo or wood blinds are a great idea. Lighting is another important point in the decor. Recessed lighting adapts very well to the minimalist theme, but you can also choose pendant lights, inspired by paper lanterns to make your decor even more original. Avoid too strong or colored fixtures.

Bathroom with luxurious decoration

decoration bathroom interior atmosphere zen

The color scheme in your bathroom should be composed of neutral shades such as white, beige, brown and gray. You can also use green or pink as accent colors, but make sure you do not create a great contrast with the rest. As for the flooring, the wooden panels will create a natural and simple decoration, while the marble or granite floor is a more elegant option. Here are some ideas in pictures to help you get inspired:

Zen bathroom with gray walls

Zen Bathroom Bathroom Decoration Round Bath

Idea of ​​Zen bathroom decor

deco bathroom zen original

Zen bathroom decorated in white

decoration bathroom zen tub

Modern bathroom with wooden wall covering

wood bathroom decoration

Bathroom deco idea

zen wood bathroom decoration

Zen rustic style bathroom with wood and natural stone

decoration bathroom Zen wood stone

Modern zen bathroom decor

zen bathroom decor earthy colors

Bathroom decoration with rounded bathtub

Zen bathroom decoration design

Elegant deco bathroom

contemporary Zen bathroom decoration

decoration bathroom zen shower

decoration bathroom zen gray green

decoration bathroom zen idea

minimalist zen bathroom decoration

modern zen bathroom decoration

zen stone bathroom decoration

zen bathroom decoration plant

decoration bathroom zen floor wood

minimalist style zen bathroom decoration

deco Zen bathroom

deco Zen bathroom freestanding bathtub

deco bathroom zen wood

deco modern Zen bathroom

bathroom zen bathtub balneo

bathroom zen built-in bathtub

zen bathroom beige brown

white zen bathroom

Zen bathroom deco

Zen bathroom deco wood

Zen bathroom pebble deco

Zen bathroom deco interesting

bathroom Zen original deco

Zen bathroom decoration

bathroom Zen wood decoration

zen bathroom design

zen bathroom minimalist design

bathroom zen wood shelf

Zen bathroom and nature

white gray zen bathroom

Zen bathroom furniture wood

Zen bathroom decoration design

Zen bathroom decoration

Zen bathroom modern bath decoration

contemporary Zen bathroom decor

decoration bathroom zen original bathtub

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