Zen kitchen of modern design: 25 impressive models

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This week, we'll be touring Zen-style kitchen decor in modern style with 25 pictures of relaxing and impressive interiors. They are inspired by Japanese tradition and combine elements of styles that are trendy right now to seduce you!

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Discover them below:

Deco Zen kitchen of modern design: invite nature at home

zen kitchen modern home japanese design

The Zen decoration aims to make the house more welcoming and relaxing. In the kitchen, as elsewhere, it relies heavily on the use of organic materials. For those who wish to make their meal preparation space more relaxing, wooden surfaces should be at the top of the list of favorite products.

Zen kitchen of modern style: the importance of wooden surfaces

deco design zen pictures kitchen wood

Wood is so important in Zen kitchens that it is everywhere: on furniture surfaces, on the floor and even on walls! It can be in different shapes and shades, light or dark, and is often accompanied by touches of neutral colors and, in particular, white.

Zen cuisine and modern decoration: which colors to favor?

how to arrange his cuisine zen atmosphere

Zen minimalist kitchen: the relaxing decoration for rooms of all sizes

Zen kitchen color minimalist decoration

In fact, the neutral color palette is the most used for painting modern kitchens with a zen atmosphere. In addition to white, we often find the color linen, beige and light gray.

Floral decoration, one of the keys to a successful Zen kitchen

decoration furniture kitchen zen house

The decoration with green plants can take various forms

zen kitchen image house modern interior

Another characteristic element of the Zen decor that is also seen in Japanese-inspired kitchens: floral decoration. It takes many forms: flowering twigs placed in an elegant vase with flower pots with green plants, through bouquets of seasonal flowers. But all these variants share one element in common: their presence is always delicate and refined.

Zen kitchen of modern style: what are the other trendy organic materials of the moment?

kitchen zen deco orchid flower pot

Japanese-inspired modern kitchen photo with glass, metal and marble surfaces

island kitchen zen modern design stone wall cladding

Wood is not the only organic material found in Zen cuisine of modern design. Stone, and especially marble, are also used for different surfaces, such as worktops or wall cladding, for example.

Contemporary Zen cuisine: a meeting place of various influences

zen kitchen plant ideas modern deco

The modern decor also uses other materials found in the interiors of Zen-style kitchens. It is, in particular, metal and concrete. Although they are not generally associated with classic Japanese design, these materials successfully accompany Zen homes today.

The modern Zen kitchen is practical

how to arrange his kitchen zen interior design

Modern design and cuisine with relaxing atmosphere

furniture kitchen japan interior modern decoration zen

Like all contemporary kitchens (and maybe even more), Zen-style ones favor the comfort of their users. It is probably for this reason that most of the models in our collection have islands and bars: these are two types of furniture, now, widespread and very popular for the organization of kitchens .

Design kitchen with a relaxing atmosphere: the presence of nature is essential

Japanese interior decoration Zen cuisine

Zen interiors have their own way of articulating space around small islands, bars, dining tables and other furniture. They often rely on large windows that overlook particularly outstanding exteriors. It can be a beautiful natural landscape, a garden or a courtyard and even a mini indoor garden separated from the kitchen by a glass.

How to introduce natural and relaxing elements into the design of a modern kitchen

zen kitchen oriental style japanese design

Enjoy the beautiful scenery to enhance the beauty of its cuisine

design interior kitchen zen style

This is another way of inviting nature into the interior of the kitchen while reinforcing the zen atmosphere. And that can give wonderful results!

Natural light sources and Japanese design kitchen deco

model modern kitchen interieur zen japanese style

Windows and lighting are very important for the comfort of the kitchen users

landscaping kitchen zen photo

Zen-inspired Japanese kitchens also benefit from the important presence of natural light, which is an essential component of their decoration and contributes to relaxation and relaxation. If you are developing a kitchen of this type that does not have a sufficient source of natural light, make sure the space has enough lighting.

The zen decor considers all situations and proposes adequate solutions for each one of them

images kitchens zen furniture deco wood

Relaxed atmosphere kitchen with practical sun protection for hot days

kitchen zen color painting pot plant

In the case where the interior space overlooks the south or the west, the windows can be provided with blinds that will protect them from heat in the summer.

Japanese-inspired kitchen image with wooden furniture and industrial lighting

zen style industrial kitchens deco wood

Zen cuisine in modern style can incorporate many influences such as minimalist style, Scandinavian design or industrial decoration. These influences sometimes translate into a few small touches, such as a copper pendant light.

Photo of contemporary cuisine influenced by Zen style

Zen kitchen furniture interior contemporary wood decoration

The green color goes perfectly with the wooden decoration in this type of kitchen. So, we can strengthen its presence by means of a credence or a few decorative items in their nuances.

Relaxing atmosphere kitchen in wood and dark tones

plan modern kitchens interior design zen

Zen style modern kitchen with white and wood surfaces

Zen kitchen small central island white wood island

The natural beauty of wood can accompany very well neutral surfaces in white or black. What counts in Zen interiors is the inspired balance of nature.

Zen kitchen for outdoor dominated by decoration with wooden elements

picture kitchen furniture wood deco zen

Beautiful zen kitchen model in white and modern design wood

zen accessories white kitchen deco wood

* Zen kitchen photo of modern style design by Toyo Kitchen

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