Zen landscape garden inspired by Japanese design

harmony materials architecture zen

This superb landscaped garden is the creation of Mary Barensfeld Architecture . The owners of this home, located in Berkeley, California, called on the architect to find a successful solution for a long and far too narrow garden.

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The land being sloping the project proved a challenge.

Beautiful landscaped garden landscaped in California

terraced garden to optimize space

Thus was born the idea of ​​a sloping garden, laid out in terraces that cascaded like a waterfall in nature. Inspired by the Japanese design , the garden in question has all of a zen space where materials coexist in harmony.

A wooden terrace that blooms in the greenery that surrounds it

beautiful terrace same level as the living room

We find in fact the wood, which accords perfectly with the concrete, colder and raw. To this already successful marriage is added the Corten steel , a surface corrosion steel that gives the garden a more industrial appearance.

A perfect pool of water the terrace, large of 37 square meters

wooden terrace with ultra contemporary water basin

The Corten steel fence is an excellent choice for several reasons. On the one hand, the screen is perforated to filter the light while delineating the space with subtlety. On the other hand, Corten steel is used for its resistance to atmospheric conditions.

Smaller, the elevated terrace offers a breathtaking view

how to build a sloping garden

To these three materials is added the fourth element of the Japanese design : the water. Equipped with a pool of water, the terrace on the ground floor becomes a real zen space. When night falls, the lighting that marks the garden takes a zigzag shape, cascades along the terraces and is reflected in the water - a true masterpiece as artistic as architectural!

Landscape garden where materials coexist in harmony

Zen garden with wooden terrace

These four elements marry wonderfully, accentuated of course by the element around which is built a Zen garden - nature. In other words, in this case: greenery. The diversity of plants and trees is really worth noting.

A very clever play of lights gives the garden a very chic side

zig zag play of lights in terraces

We find Japanese oak, lemon thyme, climbing plants and bamboo variety Koi. You will have noticed, we find the Japanese inspiration in the choice of plants.

Detail of the zig zag lighting that embellishes the terraced garden

detail zigzag lighting and benches

As if this diversity of materials was not enough, is added to the lot a fifth element: the patio in white granite. The white furniture matches the whiteness of this patio and we see form a corner of rest that still stands out from the rest of the terrace.

Garden arranged on a slope to optimize the restricted space

ultra contemporary landscaped garden

The largest terrace is on the ground floor and is an extension of the living room inside. Large of 37 square meters, it gives ample opportunity to bask in the sun, even welcome guests.

The Zen garden is rich in various plants such as Japanese oak, lemon thyme and bamboo

Zen garden inspires Japanese design

At the top of the "waterfall" is a second, smaller terrace, which despite its 6 square meters, offers a small refuge that invites to isolation and rest. Perfect for reading a book or simply to admire the view, this small terrace area overlooks the garden and San Francisco and East Bay.

Perforated Corten steel fence delineates the space with subtlety

beautiful pierced corten steel fence

If this little haven of peace does not satisfy enough during the day, it is at night that the landscaped garden comes to life. Decorated with backlit panels, the garden is illuminated with LED strips that give the outside an indisputable dramatic side.

The landscaped garden captured from several angles, all more inviting than the other

beautiful landscaped garden terraces

Arranged to resemble a lightning bolt, the light strips give the impression of lacerating the landscape as with the tip of a sharpened sword. The result is striking and the presence of a pool of water helps the magic of space since we see the light reflected in the water.

Detail of the bench that houses a tree at the bottom terrace

superb geometric detail tree incorporates into the bench

Several details are also to be observed. The geometry of the blocks that make up the garden is not to be neglected. Note the sharp angles, the way the wood coexists with the raw concrete, the detail of the tree that emerges from the wood, like a flower growing from the ground.

Wood, concrete, steel, water and greenery are marrying wonderfully

wood concrete water and greenery

The choice of climbing and falling plants and also interesting: we see a reference to nature that takes power, a concept very present in Buddhist philosophy. In short, it is really a space that not only respects nature, but especially the pupil on a pedestal. A landscaped garden that must serve as a model!

Axonometric plan and perspectives of the landscaped garden

3D plan and model of the landscaped garden

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